LA County Sheriff Calls Out Lebron James


Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva calls out NBA superstar LeBron James amid search efforts to locate the gunman who shot two LA County police on-duty.

Two police deputies sat inside the patrol car when a man approached the vehicle, targeting and shooting them at point-blank range. The gunman, who remains unidentified, sprinted after the remorseful deed.

In an interview with an LA radio show on Monday, Sheriff Alex Villanueva challenged LeBron James to add the reward being used to find the gunman. A total of $175,000 has been raised, $75,000 of which were from two private pledges, and the remaining $100,000 from the county.

LA Sheriff called out James to double the reward, which amounts to an additional $350,000 should the latter accept the challenge. Sheriff Villanueva said that he appreciates James expressing a “very interesting statement” about how the African-American community endures the impact of race relations and officer-involved shootings.

LA Sheriff Villanueva added that respect for human life is “across professions, across race and creeds,” and he’d like to see James “step up to the plate” and double the reward.

The NBA superstar previously expressed his outrage over the shooting of Jacob Blake by an officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

LeBron James tweeted rhetoric on the shootings involving the police. He condemned the killing of another black man being “targeted.”

CBSNews reported that in a post-game news conference, the Lakers star said that the Black community in America is “scared.” ESPN likewise tweeted the interview with James, where he claimed Black people in America are terrified.

LeBron James has likewise repeatedly demanded justice for Breonna Taylor, who was killed when police officers entered her apartment over drug investigations, albeit without a warrant.

Candace Owens, a known conservative activist, also called out James in a tweet for the police officers’ ambush.

The activist called the NBA superstar “pea-brained” on his dubious remark in May that the Black people are “hunted” when leaving their homes.

“Why does this happen?” Owens replied to the “hyperbolic, dishonest rhetoric.”

Owens said James, like other idolized pea-brained celebrities, “triggered” the young black men when told they are “literally being hunted.”

Owens went on to blame the “racist” and “anti-police” Black Lives Matter.

LeBron James has not given an official statement yet on the challenge thrown at him.

The NBA superstar must have tasted the dose of his own medicine as the hunter becomes hunted. The ambush on the police officers certainly conveys that they, too, can become victims.