CHICAGO: Kim Foxx’s Policies Are Destroying Our City

Kim Foxx's policies are 'destroying our city,' Chicago alderman claim
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Violence has risen in many cities in the US in the past few weeks, and the situation of Chicago is no different. It has led to destruction and gang violence in the city. The city is in a state of civil unrest with the rise in COVID-19 cases, increasing unemployment and anti-racism protests.

The Chicago Alderman has blamed Kim Foxx’s policies for this situation.

What did Napolitano say?

The Alderman of Chicago, Anthony Napolitano, recently came on a live interview with Fox News where he shared his opinion on the violence happening in the city. He believes that the Chicago Police Department is understaffed by 3000 officers. This situation is making it more difficult for them to handle the situation. Around 117,000 gang members are roaming freely in the city with no fear of law.

He believes that this is the result of policies reformed by Kim Foxx. Her policy of catch and release has given the freedom to criminals. They dare to walk freely on the roads with guns in their hands. He considers unemployment as also a reason behind the increased crime in the city.

A major part of the tax revenue comes from tourism. The sector has already been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. And with the restrictions on the occupancy of restaurants, the management has to work harder and for longer hours. The crisis has got even worse because of the violence and the clashes in the city. People are not coming out, and living in a constant state of fear. 

The population of the city has already started shifting to Nashville, Memphis, and other cities. The alderman states that these violent clashes are hurting businesses and people are looting them and that the city needs to have stricter policies. When asked why the police are not doing their work properly, he said that this is done to denounce the police. The police are being paid to go for the protests.

According to him, these are the tactics to show that the city and the whole country is out of control and it is planned just for the elections of November 2020. He advises the public to vote wisely and save themselves from the culprits.

Why Chicago Alderman targeted Kim Foxx?

Recently, Kim Foxx issued a new policy to her prosecutors. The policy stated that cases involving misdemeanor charges related to protests, including unlawful gathering, disorderly conduct, public demonstration, curfew violations, and criminal trespass to be dismissed.

Foxx has already reformed some of the criminal policies. Within a year of her regime, she raised the threshold for felony retail theft from $300 to $1000. She also ended prosecutions for driving on a suspended license.

She even announced the non-prosecution of nonviolent and low-level drug offenses during the pandemic. Foxx claims it to be a step aimed towards protecting the health and safety of police officers. However, her office can no longer submit evidence for testing due to the closure of forensic labs in Illinois State Police during the pandemic.

There have been cases where her office decided not to charge the criminals. The case of an off-duty officer shooting an unarmed neighbor, and policemen shooting an alleged marijuana smoker are few of those cases.

Foxx has stated that she is in support of the anti-racism protest but against the people who are exploiting this moment by causing harm and damage. She says that they will be held accountable for their actions.

To sum it up

The Chicago Alderman claims that the city is destroyed because of the policies made by Kim Foxx, the Attorney of Cook County State. Around 117,000 gang members are walking freely on the streets of Chicago, and almost 23,000 people were shot in the last years. Police are being paid to join the protests. According to him, this scenario has been planned for the elections of November 2020.

While Kim might have implemented these policies for the good of the community, the result has not been in favor of the public. The public suffers during civil unrest and continues to live in fear.