Kenosha Protesters Shout ‘Death to America!’ & ‘Kill the Police!’

Kenosha Protesters Shout ‘Death to America!’ & ‘Kill the Police!’
Image Screenshot From CTV News YouTube Video Below.

Kenosha, a Wisconsin city, currently suffers anarchy and unrest. Protesters flooded the city streets, clamoring slogans like ‘Kill The Police.’

Jacob Blake, a 29-year old black man, now partially paralyzed, was shot by the police before his children’s eyes.

Agitation in Kenosha started right after the incident. Rioters are torching buildings and knocking down public properties. The authorities had to take control, hence needed to fire tear gas and clear off the streets.

Surprisingly, a group of counter-protesters made an appearance on a Tuesday night. There are reports of gunfire and violence in the dark and crowded streets of the city.

Not only did the rioters caused horror and violence, but a group of armed men was also seen around the petrol station.

President Donald Trump clearly declared that the best of federal officers would be transported to Kenosha to deal with the unrest. The protest is overwhelmingly threatening as the rioters demolished public properties.

In response to the incident, Trump declared that it is imperative to restore ‘law and order’ in Kenosha. He asked the National Guard and Federal Law Enforcement officers to take control of the anarchy and restore peace in the city.

Trump took to Twitter and stated, “We are not going to ‘Stand’ and watch anarchy and lawlessness on the streets of America. We are not going to sit back and do nothing and watch the mobs looting, destroying, and firebombing, here on America’s soil. My team just had a conversation with Governor Evers. He is more than willing to welcome federal assistance. It is crucial to bring back ‘law and order’ in Kenosha. No one is off the hook.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Blake was rushed to the hospital. He is conscious but in a dreadful condition. According to his lawyers, it will take nothing but ‘miracle’ for Blake to walk and get back on his feet.

What do we know about Jacob Blake’s story?

According to the authorities, there were reports from several victims who encountered gunshots; thus, the police responded and had to act. Kenosha police officials arrived at around 11:45 PM on Tuesday.

The aftermath recorded two fatalities and a victim, succumbing to a gunshot. The man was taken to the hospital right away as his condition was critical but not life-threatening.

The victims are yet to be identified as the investigation is still on-going.

On the other hand, Sheriff David Beth of Kenosha spoke to the New York Times. He clarified that the investigation primarily focuses on the group of armed men surrounding the petrol station.

In a video that went viral online, a man holding a rifle was chased by a violent mob. He fell on the ground and started firing multiple rounds. There were civilians, too, dressed in the military outfits flocking together around businesses intending to offer protection.

Law enforcement in Kenosha County in Wisconsin is quite a thin spread as individuals and crowds are putting on a show of vigilantism on their own. Federal assistance is a need of the hour.

The shooting of Jacob Blake sparked rage in the communities. In less than a few hours, hundreds of people were marching down the streets, assembling at the Police Headquarters’ heart in Kenosha. Cars were being torched, as there were armed robberies all across the county. Shootings are everywhere. We were getting an alarming number of calls, said the police official.

As a response, the police in Kenosha imposed a night-time curfew. Twenty-four-hour businesses were asked to shut down as a measure of safety.

The local police were struggling to rule over the rioters. Alas, the National Guard, came to rescue, under Evers’ instructions, the Governor of Kenosha county.

The force had no option but to resort to tear gas, bombs of smoke, and rubber bullets. Wisconsin was declared in a state of emergency.

Protesters took to burning American flags and screamed slogans like ‘Kill the police.’ Cars were thrashed using baseball bats, and the police were attacked with fireworks and bottles of water. The city saw buildings and cars torched to flames.

The authorities could not just sit back and do nothing to stop the anarchy.