Kayleigh McEnany’s Work as Press Secretary Indefensible and Grotesque

Kayleigh McEnany was featured on Fox News Sunday in a discussion where Jonah Goldberg brands the White House Press Secretary “indefensible and grotesque.”

Kay Leigh McEnany stated in the displayed clip:

“Why was Lieutenant General Michael Flynn UNMASKED not by the intel community entirely but by Obama’s Chief of Staff, by the former Vice President Joe Biden, by Susan Rice, by the Treasury Secretary— I mean this is extraordinary.”

After cutting the clip, Chris Wallace said to Jonah Goldberg:

“Jonah, first of all, it’s NOT extraordinary, unmasking is pretty routine by people in their administration to find out who a “masked” American person is. It happens in the Trump White House; I think it happened 16,000 times a year before. What’s crime is leaking it, but unmasking it isn’t.”

“In addition to which I have to say that if Kayleigh McEnany had told Sam Donaldson and me, what questions we should ask. That would not have gone well, Jonah.” muffling after his statement.

“I think her behavior is indefensible and grotesque, and I think what she has done— she— you know— she— there’s this cliche in Washington that— that— uhh— President Trump wants a Roy Cohn as D.O.J— as— uhh.”

“What Donald Trump wants in a Press Secretary is a Twitter Troll who goes on attack, doesn’t actually care about doing the job they have and instead wants to impress, really an audience of one. And make another part of official Washington, another one of these essentially cable news and twitter gladiatorial arenas. It’s a sign of defining deviancy down in our politics, and it’s only gonna make things worse.” Jonah Goldberg stated.

Ironic how after Kayleigh Mcnany did her job professionally as the White House Press Secretary. Jonah Goldberg and Chris Wallace demonstrated textbook behavior of true “Twitter Trolls;” however, this time, while doing their job— it speaks volumes how the words that come out of a person reflect their true nature.

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Danny Crump

What a Cry Baby. Just except the fact that she is


What he said was code for “Darn, why did he have to appoint a press secretary who is so smart, well informed and eloquent. How can we ever get the better of her?”

Rick Miller

Jonah? Yeah, a never-Trumper that hates everything about the winning Trump administration. He’s in the same mold as Bill Kristol.


Sorry you clowns but you sowed the wind and you reap a whirlwind. Now you cry like little babies
once the tide is turned.

Joyce Peterman Fondriest

I see your true colors Chris Wallace. You are a disgrace. Take your hatred for our president & your black heart & go to another country. Maybe China would have you.


So what’s new here? The left ALWAYS uses “personal credibility attack” mode on anyone whom doesn’t fall in line with their corrupt, dishonest, manipulative and herd political mentality! They are so far from reality at this point in time that they use all the techniques of brain washing against all levels of society in attempting to create their political base! Truth, honor and above all; Patriotism be damned!!!


they can sure dish it out but they can’t take it. boo hoo hoo. chris wallace makes me sick

Philip Chapman

I will not watch Wallace again because he never tells the truth he spins the news to fit his agenda like Acosta so why does he not go to cnn and join the fake news which he is….Fox should be aware that he is losing support.


Dear Jonah;

First off, She is TEACHING journalism 101.

We don’t care that you don’t like the obvious, because YOU HAVE NO VALUE to Journalism.

Secondly, prepare your WILL, because when she starts TEACHING “JOURNALISTIC ETHICS”
your head will explode.

Make sure your head is in the toilet at the time so your brains go the the proper place for disposal.

Joanne C.Walczak

That was one great post GrumpyOldGoat!

Richard Messina

She is doing a fantastic job as press secretary and it’s about time the mainstream media is challenged


Neither Jonah Goldberg nor Chris Wallace possess the knowledge or education to criticize Kayleigh. These two, Goldberg & Wallace, show there ignorance, incompetence and there love to be a twitter troll’s. Wallace’s show is useless and I will not watch this sack of garbage ever again, Goldberg is just a Trump hater. Kayleigh is showing the supposed press how to do there job which they are complainant at due to the fact that she is smarter, well spoken and gets to the point immediately.

Texas Belle

I once thought Jonah Goldberg was a conservative but he has done a complete turn around since Trump was elected. His disdain for Trump and all who support him seems to have blinded Jonah to the good things that Trump has done for this country. Is he going to vote for Biden? He and Bill Chrystal seem to be in the same league; I don’t really understand their positions.

Texas Belle

My apology for misspelling Bill Kristol’s name.

Don Baker

Mcnany is doing an excellent job and fake news liars like Wallace make the case for requiring occupational licensing to practice journalism. New media liars sure hate it when their lies and biases are exposed.