Kayleigh McEnany sounds off on rising violence in Dem-led cities

Kayleigh McEnany sounds off on rising violence in Dem-led cities
Image credit to Gage Skidmore. Image modified from original.

The increase in crimes in Chicago has not been given enough attention by the Democrat mayor, stated White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany during a press conference.

This statement was made a day after a hostile clash between the police and protesters happened near a Christopher Columbus statue in Chicago. Protesters threw frozen water bottles, explosives, and rocks at the officers during this discord.

Police Superintendent David Brown reported several injuries sustained by the officers, including a broken kneecap and eye socket. About twelve protesters were arrested by the police for damaging property and harming police officers.

Rising Violence in Chicago

This has not been the only case of violence in Chicago. A few days ago, more than ten people were killed, and 60 were injured from gun violence. There were ten minors in this group, as well.

These incidents have sparked uproar in the city, and there have been significantly more violent protests as a result of this. McEnany condemns the mayor for the lack of action regarding the issue of violent uprisings in the city.

She further stated that the situation in Chicago has upset President Trump. Any decision regarding the involvement of federal officers in this scenario would take further consideration from the President.

Involvement of Federal Law Enforcement

Debates have emerged about whether federal officers should intervene to maintain law and order. McEnany points out that it is the duty of the federal government to enforce law and order in the country.

However, there is constant criticism about the presence of law enforcement officers from the Democratic politicians in the country. In reply to this, McEnany mentioned that the violence rate in the United States has begun to decrease under the leadership of President Trump.

Demands to Withdraw Federal Agents

Several cities have demanded the withdrawal of federal officers due to the rise of police brutality against their citizens. These mayors have stated that the federal agents have contributed to racial injustice instead of managing it.

Mayors have objected to the presence of the federal agents in the city. They said that the agents carried out their actions without the permission of the local authorities.

Two letters were formed and signed by Mayors Keisha Lance Bottom of Atlanta and Lori Lightfoot of Chicago regarding this issue. The letters were also signed by Mayors Ted Wheeler of Portland, Quinton Lucas of Kansas City, Muriel Bowser of Columbia District, and Jenny Durkan of Seattle.

The Trump government has received severe backlash against the violent actions of the federal agents in the demonstrations. Despite these issues, McEnany states that the federal agents have played a very important role in handling these demonstrations.

The Emergence of Operation Legend

McEnany’s support for the actions of the federal agents came from the emergency of Operation Legend in Kansas City. The operation is named after a four-year-old boy, LeGend Taliferro, who was shot dead in his apartment.

Operation Legend was announced to keep a check on the combat crimes with the help of federal agents. McEnany appreciated this move made by the US Attorney General William Barr. She said this action shows the responsibility of the governor to protect his people against violent wrongdoings.

McEnany compares this action to the actions of the Mayor of Portland, where they faced extreme resistance from the Democrat government. She stated that the government was against the deployment of federal agents in the city to control the situation.

The Justice Department has used its authority to expand Operation Legend in cities where there have been a huge increase in gun violence.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has urged President Trump to decrease ownership of illegal guns as a means to eradicate gun violence. He stated that if the President wishes to help the citizens, then the main focus should be gun control.

He further stated that the federal government has several capabilities which can be used to manage these situations. This can be seen as a far more beneficial form of managing violence compared to launching federal officers against the public.

Through the conference, McEnany encourages action on these points from the big city mayors. The call for action was prompted to ensure that the violence rate in Chicago goes down with the right measures.