Kayleigh McEnany Sends a Message to the Unvaxxed, Contradicts the Left’s Narrative…

Kayleigh McEnany Sends a Message to the Unvaxxed, Contradicts the Left's Narrative...
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– The Political Insider reports, Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany urged Fox News viewers to get the COVID-19 vaccine, saying that she trusts the vaccine development process. She also said that she feels that the vaccine is effective when it comes to preventing and transmitting coronavirus.

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This is terrible! I guess everyone has their price. It’s sad that people are selling out. I’m not getting the jab! I have an immune system.

I don’t care if she got it… she can get 10 more shots for all I care. All I know is that, come hell or high water, I’m not getting it.

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What are people going to do, when these unproven vaccines, start eating u from the inside out? Like many docters have said, they are not approved by the FDA, there not approved to be entirely safe, which makes many people wary of putting something into your body, that could cost u your life. I’ll wait and take my chances,this misinformation by the lame st media,drfraudci,lying talking heads,lying dementia,joe and company.

Martin Evans

The vaccine is GUARANTEED to get FDA approval no matter how ineffective and unsafe it is proven to be. At some point in the distant future, they may disapprove the vaccine, but that won’t be until long after serious damage has been done.


Well said


Fox is getting sucked up into the misinformation and not sharing the whole truth. Don’t trust Fox any more!

Joz Lee

Sad: Kayleigh: A Year and a half after,
”If you’re debating getting the vaccine because of the new variants, you are already too late” It already mutated (changed) several times. The more times it ‘MUTATES’ the quicke is it’s demise! CDC documented all the variants. So what about Covid 19 vaccine? DUDE, IT’S TOO LATE!


I will not get “vaccine”!! I have shellfish allergies and other allergies that may cause a severe reaction to this “vaccine”. Tell me all the false crap you want to shovel, I will trust my own research.

Martin Evans

I’m not sure how Kayleigh McEnany saying the vaccine is safe and effective contradicts the left’s narrative that the vaccine is safe and effective?


Disappointed that Kayleigh is pushing a shot that is hurting and killing people. She made her choice and thats the way it should be OUR choice but PLEASE STOP PUSHING THIS PEOPLE

Raymond From

THis whole site is a bunch of BS. Propaganda and brain washing. There is no facts or proof of any of this. Go ahead and believe it. Moronic reporting.

Ace Ferrari

I will never listen to keiliegh again. I thoght she was smarter than that. She sold out.