Kayleigh McEnany Rips Media For Being Selfish During Briefing

Kayleigh McEnany Rips Media For Being Selfish During Briefing
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On the 24th of July, Kayleigh McEnany had a press briefing. This briefing was a little bit different from the traditional ones. The most recent briefing by McEnany was intense, and she didn’t think twice before ripping the media apart. It was an interesting composition, which began with the duty of the government. She began by quoting that it is the primary duty of the government to protect the welfare of the common man. This is exactly what Attorney General Barr also said during his visit to the White House a couple of days before the press briefing. The state of lawlessness has grown in different parts of the country, especially around Portland, Oregon. There has been destruction and anarchy in the streets. These are serious threats to the safety of the common man. In fact, it has also become a threat to law enforcement officials.

On the other hand, few media channels and Democrats have chosen to ignore the current state of affairs. McEnany picked a few words from Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler. She quoted one of his tweets, “What I saw… was powerful … I heard, listened and stood … with the protestors”. The quote was from a person who witnessed the federal building attacked. Though these words have an emotional edge, they prove that Mayor Wheeler has failed to accomplish his role in full. There are so many duties yet to be fulfilled in the city and streets of Portland.

Has it fallen?

Meanwhile, Ms. McEnany has an interesting opinion on how the United States of America has performed under the guidance of President Trump. She praised that the overall crime rate has dropped with the advocacy of President Trump. She mentioned the Federal Protective Services, who are responsible for guarding the federal properties in and around Portland. In the past few months, three federal officers have been blinded by protestors, who used lasers directly on their eyes. These protests are definitely not peaceful. President Trump will not allow that kind of behavior in the streets of United States. Under his guidance, both law and order will be maintained throughout the country.

After quoting those above, she began to answer questions from the media.

Questions and the toughest ones!

With all the work that President Trump has done in the past few years, it could be a little difficult to handle the questions raised by the media. However, McEnany did a great job in answering these queries. Even when the questions were terribly hard, she managed to come up with answers. To be more precise, she had given her answers within a few seconds. This beat is maintained on a daily basis. She also never fails to deflect any questions she would rather not answer. As quoted, coming up with “acceptable” answers with the kind of behavior Trump pulls, is definitely not easy.

Few tough questions, and Ms. McEnany’s responses

  1. Federal Law Enforcement Efforts

McEnany began by saying that she is unaware of the topic regarding the funding of Operation LeGend and the incompetence of the officials in Chicago, Illinois. However, she is quite clear on where President Trump’s head is. She asserted that much of the lawlessness is seen only in the streets of Democrats. For instance, murders have spiked by 94% in Minneapolis, and Philadelphia has seen an increase of 27%. She even quoted details on how violent crimes grew during the presidency of Barack Obama.

As a conclusion, she declared that President Trump is keen on saving lives. She also said, “I want to save lives.”

2. Reopening of Schools

Ms. McEnany quoted that the situation around schools is very different. CDC guidelines reveal that children are not affected like adults. This means that different actions need to be taken with respect to schools. Arrangements like physical distancing can be used as a requirement before schools are reopened. She also stated that schools can be given an additional funding of $105 billion as a part of the move.

3. Recruitment of African America

Undeniably, this was one of the toughest questions asked to the press secretary. Yet McEnany was able to provide an answer without any flaws. She stated that President Trump stands with the people of the country. Even when the majority are not keen on changing their base names, their recruitment will not be affected. These are just three of the very many questions McEnany answered during the press conference.