Kanye West’s Revelation Turned Into A Trending Topic

Kanye West Says His Dad Wanted To Abort Him
Image credit to Commons Wikimedia. Image modified from original.

A few days ago, Kanye West told a heart breaking story. He hit the news once again. But this time, the reason was very different and rather emotional. In fact, viewers were taken aback because of what the talented singer said. He told the rest of the world that his father had been planning to abort him. The news spread like wild fire. It took only a few seconds for his supporters to surface and reply back. The rapper received a good amount of positive response in social media channels. They were more supportive than ever.

How did it all happen?

Kanye West is running for president. The idea is quite inspiring, but it did take the country and the whole world by surprise. Kanye West revealed that he was excited to try running for President in the upcoming elections. His first campaign was also organized. Indeed, it does seem like everything is working as planned. The very first campaign rally was planned in beautiful South Carolina. Unlike most other candidates, West followed a very emotional strategy. He did have his first public breakdown. This moved his viewers. The emotional turn happened when he revealed that his daddy was not ready to have him. In simpler terms, he had planned for an abortion.

Kanye West reveals that his existence was only possible because his father didn’t have his way. Something had happened, and his father’s plans were stopped. This is why the world now has a Kanye West! The primary reason behind this emotional turn of events would be the notion to stress on abortion. He has clearly made a point. When it comes to abortion, in Kanye West’s world, it would be a big “NO”. As a part of his political statement around abortion, his views and opinions have been made clear through the South Carolina rally. The rapper continues to stress on the fact that abortions need to be discouraged in any form. The government is responsible for building rules and regulations that can control abortions. It is also the key responsibility of the government to fund projects that can bring down the rate of abortions.

A Spin of Tales

Kanye West’s revelation turned into a trending topic online. Indeed, it became something akin to an explosion — it exploded in all directions. Even today, you will find readers putting forward their opinions. It would not be an exaggeration if someone claimed that the revelation has taken many forms, and has spun out of control. This was an emotional rant, many viewers feel. As he is trying to dig deep into politics, this could be treated as a stunt too. Meanwhile, experts have a different opinion on the revelation. They claim that Kanye West as a candidate to run for the House is too fragile. His mental health can be decoded through his statements. As the rapper continues to reveal more and more personal details about his career and his family, it just proves his fragile state of mind.

The real witnesses

Audiences who want to see Kanye West run for election saw a much different gameplay. Many claim that they witnessed much more than what they ever imagined or even bargained for. His focus on politics is strongly built upon emotional facts. Most of these facts are raw and heart touching. As he revealed details about his father, many young girls, women, and mothers were moved. He did make quite the first impression during his political campaign.

Attendees of the event were speechless. It took them plenty of time to accept and acknowledge what they had really heard.

The emotions!

Meanwhile, the campaign didn’t end with this revelation. Instead, West was seen in tears, and completely shaken. His voice was no longer soft. He spoke in a high-pitched tone. He hardly had any points to discuss. He was hardly audible to the crowd. For quite some time, West remained emotionally lost and even started to cry. He said, “My mom saved my life, while my very own father wished to abort me.” He mentioned his “mom” multiple times.

These were moments when the crowd was taken aback. Within a short amount of time, the rapper was encircled by support in every social media channel.