Kanye West officially names his running mate

Kanye West officially names his running mate
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Kanye West’s Vice-Presidential pick has not confirmed the news herself.

Music king and apparently also a 2020 presidential candidate, Kanye West has listed his Vice-Presidential pick, but the world is still eagerly waiting to hear the confirmation from her side on this matter.

Time to dig into the details

According to the report of TMZ, West chose Michelle Tidball as his running mate for his VP spot on the ballot in Arkansas. However, Tidball has been keeping her mouth shut about this particular matter. Media houses have already tried to get confirmation from her side, but she has remained silent on this matter.

According to Forbes, Tidball defines herself as a “Biblical Life Coach” and resides in Cody, Wyoming, where Kanye West has owned a ranch since 2018. The media outlet pointed to the biography of Tidball, where she talks about different degrees in mental health and criminal justice.

In Yarash website, Tidball defines herself with the words:

“Through my diligence in the study of the word, living in boldness, love, integrity, and hard work, I am dedicated to learn more about God, others, and the world. I value learning, loyalty, optimism, peace, faith, wisdom, compassion, creativity and community. I am a loyal person who desires to ‘stick closer than a brother.’ My desire is to live in peace with God and man, to engage my faith daily over all circumstances with wisdom, compassion, and creativity at the helm. I continue to involve myself in community — local, state, and abroad.”

The New Yorker reported that she is “a fifty-seven-year-old white woman from Cody who runs an online Bible study, works in a dental office, and has so far said nothing public about the campaign.” Wallace Johnson, a local retired attorney and former assistant to Richard Nixon, told the magazine of Tidball, “She’s a wise pick: extremely articulate, likable, and capable. As far from Sarah Palin as I can imagine.”

Johnson also added, “I never thought Kanye had a theology of his own, but maybe he’s developing one. I don’t want to call it a cult, but that’s what a new religion is. Michelle could help with that. She’s very persuasive.”

While Tidball has not issued a statement or made any comments since being named West’s running mate, she has promoted West on Twitter by retweeting his declarations from July that he “CAN BEAT BIDEN OFF OF WRITE INS.”

Though a lot of people still think West’s 2020 presidential aspirations are part of a bipolar episode, the billionaire rapper and fashion designer has already hired a canvasser to promote his name and get him on the ballot of several states for the upcoming election in November 3rd.

Then again, one bad news for the Kanye West fans—he has recently fallen short of 1300 signatures to qualify for the Illinois ballot as an independent presidential candidate. The determination of the candidates for the November election will be presented by a hearing officer on August 21st.

To qualify for the ballot, West had to gather at least 2500 signatures, but the hearing officer could only determine 1200 valid signatures.

Sean Tenner, the 46th Ward Democratic committeeperson, said he was moved to challenge West’s petition after hearing the billionaire rapper and designer tell the crowd of South Carolina on July 19th that Harriet Tubman “never actually freed the slaves.”

“She just had the slaves go work for other white people,” West had said.

“Celebrity or not, everyone has to follow the rules,” Tenner said. “He didn’t come close.”

A federal judge had reduced the required number of signatures for the independent candidates to 2,500 from 25,000 due to the coronavirus.

According to Tenner, if the Illinois State Board of Election upholds the determination of the hearing officer, it would be practically impossible for West to be elected as a President even if he won every single state.

Rev. Mitchell Johnson of South Holland, Denise Bradley of Englewood, Charles Morris of South Shore, and Steve Spagnolo of Albany Park, joined Tenner’s challenge.

“We need more education about Harriet Tubman’s legacy in this country — not mistruths about her,” Johnson said. “We were saddened that West disrespected her legacy and then disrespected the laws of our state in a doomed effort to get on the ballot.”