Kamala Harris Unexpectedly Slammed At The DNC

Kamala Harris Unexpectedly Slammed At The DNC
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This year, the Democratic Convention scheduled for four days has a digital format that allowed more speakers to talk, which was previously impossible.

A wide range of voices includes Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s former contenders, established figures of the party, progressive republicans who back Biden, state legislators, and individual voters.

Yet, the most crucial exclusion from the line up was well-known Democratic candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

Traditionally, presidential candidates who earn delegates are given a time slot for the speech at the convention. The strange thing is that Tulsi Gabbard was not selected to deliver her speech even after getting two delegates in the American Samoa Party.

The democratic party apparently snubbed Gabbard and preferred to choose way less successful ex-candidates who didn’t even win a single delegate, such as Beto O’Rourke and Andrew Yang.

The act is another perfect example of Democrats showing little respect to a heterodox candidate like Gabbard. But more importantly, this disdain on Gabbard revealed several key reasons behind choosing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as their Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates.

No one can overlook that the Democratic party snubbed the strong anti-interventionist who mainly focuses on foreign policy like Gabbard while including the foreign policy hawk and regime-change war specialists such as Collin Powel and John Kerry. Clearly, Biden-Harris duo will likely stick to the same failed hawkish foreign policy approach that Biden has always demonstrated throughout his career.

If Biden wins, expect more push on a regime-change military intervention that turned Syria into a failed state and, of course, don’t expect our heroic troops to come back home from decades-long failed war in Afghanistan.

The kind of treatment Gabbard received from her party unveils that Kamala Harris may have already started calling the shots. Expert critics predicted that Biden’s declining mental capacity would make him run the show behind the scene. Democrat’s treatment to Gabbard has actually reaffirmed it.

Rationally, there is no reason for Biden to dislike Gabbard or snub her. Many people were surprised to see that Gabbard got dropped out of the 2020 selection even after promoting Biden.

Gabbard is famous for being a straightforward, on-point, and no-nonsense woman. She humiliated Harris on stage in front of 10 million people with her sharp and on-point questions.

Gabbard directly asked Harris about her awful record of criminal justice as a California prosecutor. With this very context in mind, it is safe to say that Harris and her supporters’ influence caused Gabbard’s exclusion.

If Biden wins the presidential election in November, it won’t be a shocker when Harris gets to control him behind the curtains.

Excluding a significant candidate like Gabbard, despite having a substantial number of experience in military service and transparent approach, proves that Democrats always value loyalty above all.

On the third day of the virtual Democratic National Convention 2020, Kamala Harris officially accepted her nomination as Biden’s running mate in the upcoming election on November 3.

In the Convention night, when Harris talked about the current pandemic situation in America, she accused President Trump of costing so many lives and livelihoods.