Kamala Harris Says She’s ‘Proud of’ Man Accused of Sexual Assault

Kamala Harris Says She's 'Proud of' Man Accused of Sexual Assault
Image credit to Wiki Media. Image modified from original.

Kamala Harris, a Senator, and the Democrat Vice Presidential candidate, took Americans by spin with her stupefying statement. Would you be happy to have an administration that sings praises of men charged with felonies like sexual assault?

Star runner Harris has been incredibly vocal on her bold statement of being proud of the man indicted for an offense as grave as sexual assault.

Indeed, it is shell-shocking for a lot. But think about it. Harris has paired up with Joe Biden, a man who has been charged with accusations of sexual harassment himself. Even after proper knowledge of the assault, Harris chose to run alongside Biden. It is expected that Kamala will show support in full swing to every sexual harasser.

The statement was issued to the public on Monday, while she was campaigning in Wisconsin. Kamala did not shy away from making the bold remark, ‘I am delighted and proud of Blake.’ This startled the audience at large.

Jacob Blake was a young 29-year old, charged with several felonies, with sexual assault as one of them. He was shot by police officers a month before, and an arrest warrant was issued against him when accused of criminal trespassing and third-degree sexual harassment. Jacob was shot when resisted being taken into custody. He instead chose to point a gun to an officer on the spot.

Blake appeared in court via video stream a week before he was shot. The man pleaded not guilty to any of the charges filed against him. Isn’t it surprising to watch an innocent man running out with a fully loaded fire weapon? There’s not even a slim chance that Jacob Blake was not guilty of any of the offenses he had been charged with.

When the blue states are burning and crumbling into pieces, Kamala Harris decided to visit Jacob Blake’s family. The man was taken into the loop over a phone call. She did mention that she was proud of the young man and appreciated him for his efforts.

The question that springs up here is – what was Harris so proud of? According to the reports and accusations made by his girlfriend, Jacob broke into the girl’s house. He did not stop at this. He rummaged her home, assaulted her sexually, thumped her, and stole her car too. What was so delightful to be praise-worthy? Kamala does owe us an explanation.

Harris also described the Blake family as beautiful, innocent, and amazing. Hey, wasn’t Senior Blake hurling racist and anti-semitic remarks on social media for the longest time? Wonder what an incredible family Jacob was a part of.

Kamala Harris chose to give the cold shoulder to Jacob Blake’s criminal activities. There are witnesses and even video footage. Jacob was on a ruckus path when he did not shudder to pull the trigger or kill anyone.

In fact, the 29-year-old was a part of every demonstration in Kenosha and neighboring areas. The picture is not vague at all. None of these protests or demonstrations were peaceful as the state was in complete anarchy. Cities were brimming with lawlessness. There were killings, looting, and everything catastrophic. Jacob was an active part of all these demonstrations. He was spotted to be arrested. Instead, he ambushed the police officers and was loaded with fire weapons and other awful explosives.

Jacob was anything but innocent. He was no less than a terrorist who aimed to bring down America bit by bit. Kamala Harris applauding him for his efforts to crush the cities and fill it with anarchy only reveals the Democrats’ objective.