Kamala Harris Laughs Through the Border Crisis

Leaked WH Email Shows that the Transition to 'President Harris' is Underway

As the border crisis continues to get worse, Vice President Kamala Harris simply laughs about it.

Harris was asked if she plans to visit the border, and her response was shocking—or unsurprising.

“Not today,” she said, all the while laughing.

As the border crisis gets more out of hand, the Biden administration continues to blame the Trump administration for it.

With more than 15,000 unaccompanied migrant children being held at the border facility, she continues to laugh and denies that it’s a crisis.

Is the Biden administration really taking the border crisis seriously?

Here’s a clip of her laughing everytime the border crisis is brought up:

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Nathaniel D Fisher

Absolutely SHAMEFUL!!!!!

David Andrews

Kamala is a laughing hyena and has no social class whatsoever!


She is a Democrat and they live in the world of lies, deceit and hate America. The cackled is a bimbo who slept her way to the top and normally can’t get out of her own way.