Kamala Harris Just Showed How Much of a Hypocrite She Really Is…

Kamala Just Showed How Much of a Hypocrite She Really Is...

Once again, a member of the left shows us how much of a hypocrite they are. This time, Vice President Kamala Harris recently supported a provision that she had condemned just last year.

In 2020 while she was still a senator, Harris had joined nine other Democratic senators in signing a letter to former Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf.

In the letter, the 10 senators had accused Trump and his administration of violating federal law by using the pandemic to close the border with Mexico.

But now, Politico reports that the vice president now supports that decision.

“The Biden administration has continued to use the Trump-era policy, often dubbed Title 42 about the U.S. code, to effectively seal the border. It does so under the argument that migrants trying to cross could pose a health risk during the Covid outbreak,” Politico reported.

Despite House Democrats, public health experts, and even immigration advocates saying that it has “no scientific basis as a public health measure,” Biden has refused to end the policy. Left with no other option, immigration advocates have filed legal challenges.

Now, Harris remains quiet regarding Title 42, ignoring the fact that she had accused Trump of violating federal law by using the same provision.

In fact, the Biden administration used the provision and recently extended the closure of the border with Canada and Mexico until at least May 21. This has angered not just immigration activists but also Democrats.

Kennji Kizuka, the associate director of research and analysis for Refugee Protection at Human Rights First, told Politico: “It’s really inexplicable that the Biden administration continues to use this Trump-era Title 42 policy to block and expel asylum seekers to life-threatening dangers in Mexico and the countries they have fled. There’s no public health basis or justification for the policy. There wasn’t one when the Trump administration began expelling people, and there isn’t one now.”

Meanwhile, Democratic Representative Frederica Wilson said, “While the Biden administration inherited an extremely challenging situation after years of inhumane border policy, I believe that ending this misuse of Title 42 should be a priority. It is tough for me to justify this inaction to my constituents as we await notification and an explanation from the administration.”

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charles wilkins

Biden’s choice for 2nd just goes to show everyone just how stupid he is.
This guy is an embarrassment that can’t be corrected, international joke is not a misuse of his thought words and deeds. Left has a lot to answer for allowing this to continue, Democrats did not want him near nuclear codes, they should be worried about his live media encounters, oops to late. Our enemies sense weakness confusion, empty White House, no real leadership, just far our left ideas that are bankrupting our economy. China and Russia have certainly got what they paid for…..


Actually, this woman is an Absolute Criminal & a POS! 🤢🤮😡


She’s just talking POS.


These two puppets were chosen over a decade ago by the puppeteer obama as his agenda to continue dividing our country. He is still very much in charge and his puppets are performing just what he wants. Why is obamacare still here, why are dreamers now becoming voters, why open borders for more voters. What the blacks do not realize is how easily they are being used and once no longer needed will be cast aside