Kamala Harris has Left Herself Only One Option…

Kamala Harris has Left Herself Only One Option…
Kamala Harris has Left Herself Only One Option…

On Thursday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz sat down for an interview on Fox News’ America Newsroom. During the interview, he talked about Vice President Harris being appointed to lead the border crisis response.

As an opener, co-host Dana Perino asked the senator if Kamala should be given a chance to do what she sees fit regarding the border crisis.

According to the senator, “Joe Biden really doesn’t like Kamala Harris” because the border crisis is the “biggest political mess” he has, and he just gave it over to Harris.

Senator Cruz believes that “she is not going to be able to solve this crisis” because their own words and actions made this crisis—and they can’t just back away from them.

“When Joe Biden got elected, the first thing he did was stop constructing the border wall. He reinstituted catch-and-release—the failed policy—that now when we detain illegal immigrants, we let them go. We give them a court date sometime in the future, and many of them never show up. And he ended the Remain in Mexico policy, which was this incredibly successful foreign policy accomplishment where the Trump administration had negotiated with Mexico that illegal immigrants from Central America would remain in Mexico while their asylum proceedings were moving forward,” said the Senator.

“Kamala Harris doesn’t have anything to do other than going down there and letting everybody go” because the Democrats believe that securing the border is wrong as they support open borders, the Senator continued.

“The illegal immigrants they’re releasing are testing positive for COVID-19 at a seven times higher rate than the US population,” he added. “It is a humanitarian crisis. It’s a public health crisis, and it’s a national security crisis.”

“They blame the Trump administration. I’m sure you’ve heard that already,” co-host Bill Hemmer said before asking the senator when he thinks the President or his VP go to the border.

“I have no idea,” Senator Cruz responded. “They asked Kamala a few days ago if she was going, and she just laughed at that question.”

The Senator continued, saying that he and 18 Senators were going to the border the next day. They had invited Fox News and ABC News to go with them, but the Biden administration blocked them, saying that there would be a “risk of COVID” if cameramen went with them.

“This is their argument and it really is laughable,” he added.

The Biden administration considers bringing news crews to the border facility as a COVID crisis, while the Donna facility is holding 1,500% of its maximum capacity. It really is quite laughable.

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The Dot-head Jamaican needs to resign. She is truly incompetent and over her head. She is a total disgrace to the position she occupies. It’s time to leave.

Ernest Freeman

The Harris -Biden administration is busy fabricating an Asian Pacific bias crisis to divert attention from the border crisis. If that does not work they will fabricate another one.

Laura Wagner

The fact that they are trying to blame Trump for this surge in foreigners invading our country is laughable. It is insulting to think that the dems think so little of our intelligence, thinking we will fall for their blatant lies. That is truly what is laughable.

Trending 2

Well, over half of America has fallen for it. I watched a network news program last night and there was no mention of the border crisis. Not one word. It isn’t happening, according to them. If that is where millions of Americans get their news, they are being kept as ignorant as possible.


How about Biden and Harris quit way over their heads