Kamala Harris Calls 18-24 Year Olds “Really Stupid”

Kamala Harris Calls 18-24 Year Olds
Image credit to Gage Skidmore. Image modified from original.

Kamala Harris, the chosen running mate for Joe Biden, said that she thought young people who are at least 16 should have the right to vote. Harris made this statement during a town hall session.

But does Harris actually think so? During her speech at the Ford Foundation in 2014, Harris clearly called young people “stupid”, and said that the reason resident assistants are appointed in college dormitories, is because young people are not responsible enough.

In a town hall session, Harris was asked if young Americans aged 16 years old should have the right to vote.

Harris replied to the question with high enthusiasm. According to her, depending on the current situation of the nation, the younger generation should take up more responsibilities. At present, these young people are fulfilling all the responsibilities diligently. So in her opinion, the younger generation should be part of the American Electoral process. As a result, the process would be more robust. 

Harris was on the side of those who want to allow young people to cast their votes in the election.

This is exactly the point. In most states, 21 is considered to be the legal age to able to smoke. People under 21 cannot even buy alcohol. In many states, people under 21 are not allowed to purchase a gun, but Kamala Harris is willing to give 16-year-olds the right to cast their votes.

The big question is has Harris always felt that those belonging to the young age group is responsible enough to be given the right to vote? According to some big honchos from mainstream media houses, Harris just wanted to motivate and lift up the spirits of the younger generation. The truth is, Harris already made things very clear during her 2014 speech — that she doesn’t care that much about the young people of America.

We all know that Harris once served as the Attorney General of California. At that time, she clearly said that we hardly know things about the particular population between ages 18 to 24. She also said that age is more than just a number. All Harris thinks about the people in this age group is “stupid”, according to the report of Breitbart News.

The audience were laughing after this comment.

According to Harris, the only reason we put young people in dormitories with resident assistants in duty is that they don’t know how to make decisions by themselves, and they always end up making bad decisions.

In 2014, it was not politically gainful for Harris to provide voting rights to 16-year-olds, and that’s why they didn’t matter to her. But things have changed, and now it seems it’s politically beneficial to her.

According to MSNBC’s Dr. Jason Johnson, the Democratic party really needs someone who can make the young people enthusiastic about voting and politics.

Young people were clearly more enthusiastic about Bernie Sanders, who appealed to their generation more. Sanders wanted to come up with a womb-to-tomb package for the younger generation which includes free day care, universal basic income, free college, free medical care, etc. But one thing that most young people don’t understand, is that nothing comes free.

According to Dr. Johnson, this is not a strong area for Senator Harris, but it is something she can put more time and dedication to.

How she will do it? According to Dr. Johnson, the process is simple—by smiling more and cracking jokes.

If this is the only qualification required, Ellen DeGeneres would make the ideal Vice President.

According to Snopes.com, it is important to fact-check the claim that Harris called young people “stupid.”

Additionally, according to Trump’s campaign, Harris is a “phony”.