Just Biden Walking to Give His Speech at the UN…

Just Biden Walking to Give His Speech at the UN...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Just Biden walking to read his speech at the UN.

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His excellency??? Obviously that guy doesn’t know potato Joe very well.

The world asks, “Why is he talking? What can he possibly say that will make us believe he really fairly won the election or that Jill doesn’t put a bib on him as he slurps his cream of wheat?

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Excellency? Doesn’t this man hear the news? Biden, the most corrupt man who has ever occupied the WH, more corrupt and evil than Bill Clinton, doesn’t even deserve to be called “president”, let alone ‘excellency’. Whose excellency anyway? Joe Biden is nothing but an evil parasite.

Joe Smuckatelli

The only thing this moron excels at is stupidity.