Jovan Pulitzer Exposes Massive Fraud in Georgia at Hearing


Inventor Jovan Hutton Pulitzer crushed Georgia’s 2020 presidential election results before a Georgia Senate and even offered to determine the accurate results for free by examining the paper ballots used in the recent election.

Previously, President Trump was requested for an executive order mandating the ballots and images in select states be reviewed and audited by Jovan Pulitzer for fraud.

Pulitzer can audit millions of ballots a day based on his unique method of reviewing images and ballots. He believes there’s a fraud in the recent election and claims he can prove it quickly.

The inventor said that he has no regard for the smoke and mirrors of how the ballot machines work, neither on the coder nor how it’s supposed to be programmed.


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Pulitzer said if the machines indeed worked flawlessly, “none of us would be standing here. We’re here because something broke.”
“So, I’m saying I don’t care about the machine,” continued Pulitzer, adding that he also doesn’t care about the code in the machine. He only cares about the physical artifact.

“And you know what? That physical artifact has material differences from district to district that should not be there…Why are they there?” he stated.

Pulitzer feels the Georgians trust the state to ensure the election was fraud-free and valid, claiming the results are, in fact, flawed.
“This isn’t the beating of a drum. This is the burning of a city,” he noted.

The inventor could apparently look at the ballots and determine almost immediately if it is fraudulent or authentic. He claims to look at 500,000 ballots in just a couple of hours.

Below is a presentation everyone should see. We need Pulitzer to check the ballots from all the battleground states.