John Kerry Slips Up and Exposes Biden’s Plans with China…

John Kerry Slips Up and Exposes Biden's Plans with China…

The State Department recently released the “U.S.-China Joint Statement Addressing the Climate Crisis” on Saturday night after Climate Czar John Kerry’s 3-day meeting with the Chinese.

The joint statement begins by saying that both countries are “committed to cooperating with each other” as well as with other countries to confront the “climate crisis.” According to the statement, the crisis “must be addressed with the seriousness and urgency that it demands.”

“This includes both enhancing their respective actions and cooperating in multilateral processes, including the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement. Both countries recall their historic contribution to the development, adoption, signature, and entry into force of the Paris Agreement through their leadership and collaboration,” the statement reads.

The United States and China stated that they will be fighting climate change mainly by reducing carbon emissions.

On Sunday, Kerry spoke to Sky News’ Sophy Ridge about the plans to fight against the climate crisis. During the same interview, he also apologized for the previous president “who didn’t care for science.”

“The simple reality is no one nation can do this alone—even if the United States went to zero tomorrow, or the UK did, or Europe. The fact is that China is almost 30 percent of the world’s emissions. Other countries—India, Russia, Indonesia, Japan—there are a lot of industrialized countries that are contributing to this challenge,” Kerry said.

“20 nations, all of whom are invited to President Biden’s summit, are responsible for about eighty one percent of all the emissions. So to solve this problem, those 20 countries have to lead the way,” he continued. “We recognize that responsibility.”

“We are very sorry for the last four years where the president—who didn’t care about science and who didn’t have a real rationale for pulling out—he was the only leader in the world who pulled out of this agreement,” Kerry added.

“President Biden said the first thing you do as president is return. We’ve done that,” he said. “And now, with this summit, we’re going to try and bring nations to the table to do what we need to do to get the job done for future generations.”

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Kerry knows the only way to stop admissions is to stop airplanes and jets…..he will never tell you that it’s not cars….


The problem is the nations responsible for the major pollution China, and India are required to do the least and are allowed to continue with their actions that have created the most pollution, whereas the USA has its pollution under control and gives up huge losses of production and income for the major polluters. These accords are nothing to do with equal reduction but unequal advantages for our “allies”. All these proposals will do is weaken us as a nation and strengthen our enemies by increasing their wealth at our expense. John “the Lurch” Kerry is a dimwit.

Stacy Dougherty

TRUMP was right for pulling out of the Paris and Iran deal!! America is the best out of all the countries in the world having the lowest pollution.


Where are the newspaper cartoonists? Kerry is the perfect candidate.

Captain Cross

Keep in mind Johnny that China is just like you Dems and the “handlers”. Neither of you can be trusted to do anything honestly.

Ronald Duty

John Kerry is a traitor.


President Trump truly cared for the people and the welfare of our nation. To apologize for the last four years is just another treasonous statement from the puppetmaster regime. The embarrassment is here and now

Stacy Dougherty

John Kerry is an embarrassment to the representation of this Country as a matter of fact he only represents a small minority of the US!


Why do we all have to listen to the same old political farts that have done nothing for decades? The same old political people with the same old policy crap that has never work. We all need to stop voting for Demon Crafty that only want to bring down America ppl. All DemonCraft are liars and traitors, not to mention brainless.


Why does this fool always have a seat at the table. Is it the money, the connections? It certainly isn’t his brain power. He’s always been a laughing stock. Now he is dangerous for leaking covert information.

Stacy Dougherty

John Kerry is like a dog returning to his vomit! No one had the guts to call him on the Logan Act in 2018! Traitor!


And you also forgot to mention that President Trump administration lead the planet in climate reductions those 4 years youpos!