Biden’s Mental Health Discussion

Joe Rogan Speaks Out On Biden's Mental State
Image Screenshot From The Hill YouTube Video Below.

Joe Rogan, popularly known for his podcasts, has been focusing on controversial topics lately. His podcast on Wednesday revolved around former Vice President Joe Biden, who runs for the November 2020 elections. This time, his theme is loaded with how and why he feels Joe Biden is mentally compromised, particularly during an interview where the Democratic Presidential Candidate lost his mind. 

Earlier in June, Biden shared that there were series of tests on his mental decline. The analysis evaluated his cognitive abilities, but may not have been an excellent experience for Biden. 

Rogan concluded in his show that Biden seems to be mentally compromised, and many people are uneasy about it. He said, “I believe there is also [a] large group of people that are very uncomfortable with a man who seems to be mentally compromised, winning the election and doing so by hiding.”

Apparently, Biden has forgotten his speech on several occasions and even spoke something absolutely irrelevant, which have been recorded in the past few months. Biden has lost his train of thought multiple times during his Democratic presidential campaigns. 

An interview with CBS

Prior to the podcast, Biden was asked about his mental capabilities by Errol Barnett, a CBS News correspondent. Barnett quizzed Biden if he has taken any cognitive tests in the past few days, to which Biden responded, “No, I have not.” Biden was stern and explicit on his denial. Biden continued to ask the host on the need to take the test. The former Vice President relates the experience of taking the cognitive test to consuming cocaine. Biden fired back, “Are you a Junkie?”

Biden certainly has no intention to take the test as he considers the process irrelevant and unnecessary. 

Meanwhile, Barnett was not convinced with Biden’s response. He further asked Biden what he thinks about President Trump bragging his test and making an issue about Biden’s lack thereof. Barnett is curious to know about Biden’s opinion on how the tests can influence voters’ decisions. 

Biden bizarrely responded to Barnett, and he started to talk about figuring out the difference between an elephant and a lion. The then Vice President ponders what Trump is trying to infer by claiming that he cleared an exam and made an issue on his mental state.

Biden continued to stress that he is looking forward to sitting with the President during debates that most Americans also anticipate.

Biden said he leaves the final decision to the American Public Judge. He wants the judge to decide on his mental stability as a candidate running for the presidency.

Why did Barnett asked about Biden’s Mental Health? 

It began in June when Biden said that he was experiencing a drop in his mental health. A reporter asked, “Some have speculated that you are subject to a degree of cognitive decline.” He even stated instances where Biden speaks about his age (65 years old) and connects it with moments when he has lost his train of thought. 

In response to these statements, the media pressed if the ex-Vice President is facing a cognitive decline. Additionally, people have asked him if he has taken any tests lately, to which Biden responded, “I am constantly tested.” 

Jill Biden, the wife of Joe Biden, also gave an open statement on her husband’s mental stability and cognitive abilities during a Fox News interview.