Joe Rogan challenges Ben’s arguments in race relations

Joe Rogan and Ben Shapiro on the Current State of Race in America
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The killing of George Floyd in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic has disproportionately infected and killed black people, exposed the long-standing racial inequality in every aspect of American culture, and forced a deep reckoning across the society. Corporations are pledging to uproot systematic racism from the organizations. Some major cities are considering the proposal to eliminate police or defund the police department. Activists are calling to remove the confederate monuments and some of them have started toppling the statues themselves.

When it comes to explaining the current state of Race in America, Joe Rogan, in a talk show with Ben Shapiro, have animated the true picture of racism in America.

Joe Rogan said, “If we look at 1776 and we look at the declaration of independence and we look at America in 2020, there clearly is some impact in the echoes of slavery and after than Jim Crow. There are clearly some impacts on these deeply impoverished communities that don’t seem to advance.”

When Joe was asked about whether the institutions today are racists or not, Joe replied, “Historically, it’s fairly recent. If you go by civil rights movement to 2020, we’re really not taking about that much of time, we are talking about 50 plus years in world of best fans of human history, is not really a small amount of time. Clearly, there is some impact on both racism and Jim Crow laws. So, that’s why I am saying there’s a middle ground.”

The host of the talk show, Ben Shapiro, agreed and added, “It is important for people on my side of the conservatives to acknowledge and recognize the importance of history in people’s living situation. It is also important for the people on the other side of the aisle to not attribute every single thing to history.”

“People who are believing something like that there’s always like extremes on each position and truth lies somewhere in the middle,” Joe said.

In the same context, Ben stated, “I don’t think that it lies as far in the dead center of that as people I think want it to. What I mean by that is the problem that has plagued communities in the United States, not just the black communities. Problems of Racism or problems of sexism, the way such problems get alleviated is people making better choices over time and that is the exact problem. That’s the way those issues get alleviated. When Jews arrived United States in the early 20th century, they were impoverished, they didn’t speak the language, they were banned from country clubs, there was open discrimination against them and they were banned. Harvard Law School had quota for Jews. The way to fight against is to make the good decisions, so you fight against the system to make sure that the system has rules that apply equally to everyone.”

“But you clearly see there is a big difference between people coming over here willingly and doing so in order to better their lives versus someone whose ancestors were dragged over here to be sold as property and then dealing with the repercussion of that being your family history and redline laws and different other things were put in place to keep them in very specific areas which to this day remain crime-ridden, gang-ridden, deeply-impoverished communities,” Joe stated.

The next question to Joe was — how much of that is historic redlining and how much of that is an 18-year-old kid who grew up in a messed-up neighborhood?

“How much of that 18-year-old kid today deciding to pick up a gun and shoot somebody is based on him growing up in the fucked up environment where that’s what he models where everything around him is crime and gangs and you imitate your atmosphere which what all humans do…right?” Joe answered the question very precisely. Despite not being a part of the community or being an outsider, we need to have a simplistic and open-minded outlook on the community.

According to Joe, teaching and educating them to make them understand that there’s a way out of this environment would be the most effective solution.