Joe Manchin Delivers Huge Blow to Dems…

Joe Manchin Delivers Huge Blow to Dems...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Rebecca Downs from Townhall reports, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) continues to stick by his principles. On Thursday, he told Bloomberg that he will stick by his support for the Hyde Amendment, which protects taxpayers from having to fund elective abortions.

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Birthing people, are you kidding me. These people are absolutely insane

The birthing people term is an insult to mothers AND WOMEN EVERYWHERE.

ONLY women can give birth, “birthing person” isn’t going to change a thing. Idiotic idea.

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Michael wisley

I am amazed and astounded there is actually a Democrat that has a working by one Democrat in the whole world that actually has a working brain

Stacy Dougherty

Half a brain he is still working on a whole brain. He is getting there little by little and one day when his brain is fully developed the left is going to accuse him of being a conservative.. lol


I amazed there is still a dumbocrap that still has a brain, and not infected with TDS, an incurable disease. That, or there liberal,socialist,marxist,commies party that has taken over the party.