Joe Biden’s Slurred Speech And Strange Set-Up

Joe Biden's Slurred Speech And Strange Set-Up
Image Screenshot From Joe Biden YouTube Video Below.

Things are always strange with Joe Biden, the Democratic party’s presidential nominee for the November 2020 election. His speech in Pittsburgh last Monday was not an exception to it.

In this speech, he again kept blaming Trump for the on-going violence and riots, despite the fact that it’s the leftists behind the action in the democratic-run cities in America. Trump has always been trying to pacify the on-going agitation.

But there was something else beyond Biden’s speech that made the netizens unable to stop themselves from commenting.

The entire audience during Joe Biden’s speech on Monday was only the media. No one else!

So the obvious question is — who exactly was Joe Biden’s audience?

That is nothing but strange! The delivery of the speech again showed the actual problem that voters have with Biden — it’s always his speech.

In the speech, Biden talked about one of the crises under the Trump administration — the Birth of the Right American Future! That part made no sense at all in the speech. This has always been the typical nature of Biden’s speech — losing track of what he wants to say, or maybe not being able to read the teleprompter well.

There was also a particular point in Monday’s speech where Joe Biden made no sense at all. He was talking about the coronavirus issue, but what he said is totally incomprehensible.

“COVID has taken this year, just since the outbreak, has taken more than 100 years, look, here’s, the lives, it’s just, it’s ju—, I mean, you think about it.”

The whole sentence is like the blubbering of a mentally imbalanced person.

After that, Biden just rushed from the podium and didn’t answer any further questions from the reporters who were sitting there.

Biden literally flew to Pittsburgh to deliver a speech that made no sense and spoke to a reporter for one hour, read the teleprompter, and rushed back home after taking no questions all of a sudden. Can anyone make sense of the entire scenario? Was Biden trying pretend like it was a real campaign event?

Again Biden proved that he cannot even read a teleprompter without losing his train of thought.

This is not the first time that this happened with Biden. A very similar incident happened just a day prior to this first incident when Biden forgot which community center he was at. The campaign was going on at Wilmington, Delaware last Tuesday where Biden welcomed people to the wrong community center.

What has been embarrassing for Mr. Biden during his campaign trail is that anyone can easily understand that he mainly depends on his handlers to get him through the course of the day.

One thing is definitely clear to almost everyone — Biden can’t handle tough interviews, so his handler always tries to ensure that he only gets softball interviews. It’s quite unfortunate to see that Mr. Biden still faces challenges with the simplest interviews.

Trump challenged Biden with full confidence to take the cognitive test that was recently administered to the President.

Ageing is inevitable. As we age, we all get forgetful. Some of us even get more inclined to plagiarism. We accept that there’s nothing wrong with it. The problem with Biden is that his tongue works much faster than his brain does, and this is the exact reason behind the popular “That’s just Joe,” cliché. If it was just about getting old and forgetful, it would have been alright. However, this is something that won’t be good for the American people.