BIDEN: The only thing that will cure COVID is a national election

Joe Biden's fantasy COVID fix
Image credit to Gage Skidmore. Image modified from original.

Laura Ingraham, the host of “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News, called Joe Biden’s solution to the COVID-19 crisis a “fantasy fix.”

Laura Ingraham on “The Ingraham Angle”

On Monday, July 27th, Laura Ingraham talked about the presidential nominee’s alleged solution to the ongoing pandemic crisis. Ingraham’s comments were a response to Biden’s answer about tackling the crisis on Joy Reid’s show.

Joe Biden on MSNBC’s The ReidOut

Joy Reid launched her new Television host show on MSNBC on Monday, July 20th. Invited for an interview as her first guest was Joe Biden.

After watching the Wallace-Trump interview on Fox News Sunday the previous day, people were excited to witness Reid grilling the Democrat on her show. However, to everyone’s disappointment, Reid seemed to be going soft on Biden.

Her only tough question to Biden was the last one, where she asked Biden if he would choose a black woman as his vice-president. However, Biden managed to deflate the question cleverly, with almost no further protests from the host.

Biden’s solution to COVID-19 crisis

When he was asked about his take on solving the pandemic crisis in the nation, Joe Biden’s answer was to increase lockdowns across the nation in the name of protection.

Biden also suggested establishing contact-tracing protocols to ensure that the citizens did not have to pay for the COVID-19 treatment.

Ingraham’s response to Biden’s solution

Instigated by Biden’s ridiculous solution to the severe threat of COVID-19, Laura called it a “fantasy fix.”

Laura stated how his solution was unrealistic and could hurt the already degrading economy of the country severely.

The US is already the leading nation with the highest number of COVID tests conducted throughout the world. It is evident that the long chain of lockdowns and shutdowns in the nation have done more damage than good.

While the elderly are lonely and struggling, the kids feel caged inside their homes. The adults, who have to take the responsibility of both their kids and their parents, are crushed under financial burden.

Millions of unemployed citizens are struggling to make ends meet. The economy of the nation is falling to pieces, and enforcing more lockdowns under given circumstances would be disastrous.

Laura also talked about the steady decline in the COVID-19 death rates in the country in the last few months. It makes no sense to include more lockdowns, other than to serve the political agendas of the Democratic party.

Ingraham supporting Trump’s decision

Laura called Trump’s decision to lift the lockdown wise. Had Trump mandated the lockdown any further, the nation would have lost its entire economy. Laura also rebuked the press reporters who blamed everything on Trump. She called it childish and stupid.

She pointed out that the President of the nation had to consider many factors before making a decision. He couldn’t merely focus on the medical perspective, ignoring the other situational aspects his decision would influence.

Laura also blamed the mainstream media for dramatizing the increase in the virus spread in a particular area unnecessarily. Their animated reactions to trivial issues made it impossible for the citizens to notice the steady decline overall in the US.

The self-serving actions of the Democrats

Joe Biden, along with other Democrats, believes in extending the lockdowns until the virus magically disappears. Does it sound like a helpful solution to you?

In addition to damaging the country’s economy, lockdowns will also lead to a situation of great social unrest. After spending the last few months inside their homes, many people are already at their breaking points. Some of them have started taking anti-depressants, while the others follow the media in blaming Trump for their miseries.

The growing unrest will create a window of opportunity for the Democrats, which is exactly what they are aiming at. If this continues, Trump’s government will take the fall for the widespread public dissatisfaction in the upcoming elections.

A balanced approach

Laura rested her case by stating that the nation needed a well-informed and balanced approach to the COVID-19 crisis. An approach that would minimize the damage suffered by the country’s economy due to the virus, while also protecting the citizens and small businesses of the nation.