Joe Biden Refuses to Answer Questions About Obamagate

Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee, was questioned by George Stephanopoulos concerning what Joe Biden knew in the light of the former General Michael Flynn (President Trump’s previous national security advisor.) Trouble came in Michael Flynn’s way when Atty. General William Barr dumped a case over to him, composing of evidence of “perjury trap.” The lawyer of Michael Flynn stated that Special Counsel Robert Mueller intimidated Michael Flynn by attempting to prosecute Flynn’s son if he doesn’t plead guilty in generating false statements.

As outlined by The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway, publicizing newly released files, Flynn’s prosecution was a portion of an attempt to conceal the investigation into President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.

A meeting was consisting of significant intelligence officials, previous Vice President Joe Biden, and previous President Obama on the 15th of January in 2017. In the said discussion, high positioned individuals colluded whether or not to orient Trump’s administration concerning the Russian investigation.

Biden was an attendee of the meeting, which resulted in problems regarding what the previous vice president, Joe Biden, had knowledge of concerning Flynn’s case. 

Previous Vice President Joe Biden claimed that he knew nothing concerning the initiatives in Michael Flynn’s investigation, even arguing that the pressure put on him by the media is just President Trump steering the citizens of The United States’ attention away from real problems.

What Is Michael Flynn’s Case?

FBI Director Christopher Wray issues an internal review into potential misconduct linked to the bureau’s investigation of Michael Flynn.

In addition to assessing the actions of “current employees,” the FBI stated the Inspection Division’s review would evaluate whether internal measures are in need of improvement.

The FBI’s review would depict the second assessment of the fraught incident. Earlier in 2020, Atty. General William Barr designated the U.S. Attorney in St. Louis to direct an investigation, which drew the Justice Department in the past to abruptly dismiss the prosecution of Flynn, who had pleaded guilty.

Many months ago, Christopher Wray (FBI’s Director) issued the bureau to commence an after-action review of the investigation regarding Michael Flynn.

The review will assess the behavior of existing employees, whether it merits a penalty, and any policy improvements required in light of Flynn’s case. 

Joe Biden and Obamagate

ABC’ News anchor didn’t allow Joe Biden to get off scratch-free during an interview.

“I do want to press that. You said you didn’t know anything about it. Still, you were reported to be on the 5th of January 2017 meeting where you and the president were briefed on the FBI’s plan to question Michael Flynn over those conversations he had with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak,” Stephanopoulos pushed against Joe Biden.

“I thought you asked me whether or not I had anything to do with him being prosecuted. I’m sorry. I was aware that they asked for an investigation. But that’s all I know about it,” Biden continued. He then retracted to form. “Think about this. Can you imagine any other president of the United States focusing on this when the country is just absolutely concerned about their health?”

Joe Biden verified that he knew about the plan to question Flynn. Still, he seemed utterly defensive regarding the matter — only affirming his connection when Stephanopoulos shattered Joe Biden’s pretense by bringing a meeting to the table that Joe Biden can’t deny having attended.

Joe Biden is correct that the coronavirus crisis is the most dangerous problem that citizens are dealing with in real-time. However, the unveiling of Flynn’s entrapment and the dismantling Trump-Russia collusion narrative is also incredible news.

Joe Biden’s softness on Flynn’s case only raises further questions about his role in weaponizing the Intelligence Community against a sitting president. 

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Esther Cameron

You are shameful! Trying to build up a case where there is no case. You people are a danger to our democracy. I can only assume you are getting paid to drum up fake news (yes, YOU are the fake news source) to help Trump get re-elected. I pray every night that he will not. Where is your conscience??


Esther,You would not know,the truth,if you see it,are hear it,and in my opinion your
ate up with Demon a Democratic ( Brain Washed ) mind.
One thing is the Media and what I feel is Reporters,who also are political and will
spin 1/2 truth are even do what ever,makes bad news sales.Very little Positive are
good news sales are grabs a viewer,s attention.SO ! You think Trump (our President)
should not be Reelected ? Then Vote if you are a “Legal,” Voter and A American.
Corruption is all through,this nation,because of Blindness,deftness ” except ” what
most yourself that can not look back in History and see How any nation
has fallen,by mad news,false and self interest (one sided ) Donald Trump is not perfect
But in my opinion ( only ) has brought our Nation back from 50 to 60 years are more to
be strongest nation,and you Swamp creatures you elected and Still keep them in state
city and federal Jobs is Just as smart as the dirt under your feet.GOD! Help us All, if you
think really what you posted.

Rick Love

THe liberals danced with glee when Mueller spent 32 million dollars on a 2 year investigation of a rumor that was created in the Oval Office in meetings of 1/4/2017 and 1/5/2017. Present at those meetings and orchestrating the attack on Flynn were Obama, Biden, Rice, Yates, Brennan, Clapper, and Comey. Former AG Loretta Lynch was also a key player but I believe she was not present that day. Discussed were important government issues such as this quote, First we’ll fuC% Flynn and then we’ll fuc% Trump, all documented in recently released notes. Does that sound like something the government of our country should be gathering all those important people to discuss? Key players McCabe, Strzok, and Page were the ones who carried out the tasks. We’ve seen Strzok and Page before as we discussed their text messages stating “at this point it doesn’t look like Trump can win, but we just can’t take that chance”. This referred to the infmous “insurance policy” they hadin case Trump won. Tamper with an election and its results much? Well, Esther, it doesn’t take Obama walking to my front door with a handwritten apology for treason against the United States to convince me these guys and gals are all part of the deep state and guilty as sin. How about you?

David Rayhill

Rick Love, you lay out your case in clear, logical fashion. Isn’t beyond all good sense that so many people are so blind or jaded by the liberal media and politicians. I know the politicians want the power and say so in our gov’t and the deep staters sure want to keep their well paid jobs and benefits. That is understandable but how can so many good folks just not look at the facts? In time more and more issues will reach the light of day to expose Obama, Soros and their like but the blind lemmings will still not understand. As Jimmy Buffet sings “We got some CRAZY ASS PEOPLE out there”