Joe Biden Goes Slack Jawed, Suddenly Confuses Black Congressman with Someone Else.

Joe Biden Goes Slack Jawed, Suddenly Confuses Black Congressman with Someone Else.
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The Next News Network – Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, This was awkward. Joe Biden on Thursday evening confused a black congressman with a black mayor during a CNN town hall in Baltimore.

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He should never been allowed to run. Shame on all of you, especially Jill.

Let’s not forget that this was an invitation audience only

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Len Collings

The man can not even control his bowel movements. This guy should never have run for office. It is nothing but elder abuse.

jake the snake

yup he had an “accident” at the popes place. Do you suppose there is an official biden diaper changer that travels with them?

Does biden tell the official diaper changer: “I poopied my pants” like little kids do?

Lets go Brandon


Joke Briben hasn’t got a brain left in his head. Staff members are quitting because they don’t want to clean up after his bowel movements.

This guy is so obviously not a president that the while world is laughing at him.

Only a very perverted disgusting sick man would let Pfizer say: well if we don;t start injecting the children with the covid shots we will never know how safe they are” and then immediately make it a mandate for children to get the shot.

This anti-president has literally made all of us guinea pigs in this new technology for a vaccine that doe snot work and does not keep the vaccinated form spreading the disease.

I really want one of the hard core pro covid shot people to explain how something that doe snot do anything other then mask the disease symptoms, still lets you contract, carry and transmit the disease and still will let you die of the disease is of any value to anyone.

how does showing a covid passport to get into a restaurant do anything for anyone? the passport carrier could have covid at that moment and because the shot may mask the symptoms they passport hold may be very contagious while the non-passport holder will likely have more symptoms and be more sick and stay home if they are contagious. how does the passport help anyone?

Lets go brandon

Lets go Brandon.