Jim Acosta of CNN Attacks Tucker Carlson in Shocking New Low…

Jim Acosta of CNN Attacks Tucker Carlson in Shocking New Low…

Last week, CNN News host Jim Acosta took a shot at Republicans and Fox News host Tucker Carlson in usual CNN fashion.

After Derek Chauvin’s trial, Carlson had said that the former police officer did not get a fair trial. According to him, members of the jury were intimidated by the fact that Black Lives Matter protests could worsen.

“The jury in the Derek Chauvin trial came to a unanimous and unequivocal verdict Tuesday afternoon: ‘Please don’t hurt us.’ The jurors spoke for many in this country. Everyone understood perfectly well the consequences of an acquittal in this case. After nearly a year of burning, looting, and murder by BLM, that was never in doubt,” Carlson had said.

Reacting to what Carlson said, Acosta stated on CNN Newsroom: “It’s not just Laura Ingraham. How about Tucker Carlson, who in the wake of the Derek Chauvin verdict showed us all what’s under the hood.” 

“Let’s be real. Tucker Carlson’s anger wasn’t about the actions of a police officer who murdered a man but about the guilty verdict. Or as Carlson, Fox’s chief white power correspondent, described the decision, ‘please don’t hurt us,’” he continued. “Now, you can call this an act or a shtick, but these big race-baiting lies have been spreading like cancer on the far-right.”

It’s no wonder that CNN’s ratings have gone even lower since Acosta became the host for the weekend CNN Newsroom.

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Captain Cross

The only low featured here is Jimmy’s IQ.


Acosta’s relevance is quickly eroding the already precarious position of CNN in meaningful conversation. Acosta reward for being the daily pin prick in the newsroom at the White House was way over his expected deliverance. The clown only served as a daily reminder in the news room of how toxic he was/is.


Fox News has a lineup of talking heads whose agenda could not be explained in any other way than Right Wing Republican (which encompass essentially 98% of the party) are GOOD; and Left Wing Democrats ( which encompass essentially 50% of the party ) are BAD. CASE CLOSED! FoxNews’ game plan is to degrade or exaggerate any news that might enhance or move forward the Democrats agenda and to bolster the Republican agenda with fake news, lies, exaggerations, made up stories, false reporting, and to generally act like the self righteous prigs that they are. Watching a few segments of Tucker Carlson’s nightly show, dealing with his absurd facial distortions and expressions, his holier-than-thou demeanor, and his inevitable presentation of falsehoods, half-truths, mis-quotes, and flat out lies; all to bolster his own self esteem and carefully crafted image should tell an astute watcher all he or she needs to know about this egocentric employee of FoxNews to tune out the FoxNews Channel permanently……because their agenda is cast in stone.


So the KKK is alive and well and living in your head, notice I didn’t say brain. Sorry, but there is no hope for you. God doesn’t fix stupid.


Only the racist Acosta would say such racist accusation against TC … it’s the fact Acosta himself in actuality … is what I would call a slave owner to many blacks … & actually sleeps with a white hood & he knows exactly how to manipulate .. his braindead audience …


Calling Jim Acosta a journalist is like calling Jeffrey Dahmer a chef.


Awwww poor Jimmy bless his heart . His pussy hurts because cnn and him are going down the towel because of their lies and fake news . while tucker and fox continue to grow . Guess he can’t deal with the failures in his life , boor baby . Maybe he could open a kool-aid stand on a corner somewhere and beat out girlsscotts selling cookies , but I doult it .


I would have to believe, by now, that most clear thinking Americans think Acosta, CNN and all the democrats will never give up their KKK heritage. People, they are proud of it. That is why they keep accusing conservatives of being the racist. I would bet that after the cameras are off, and the democrats are behind locked closed doors, they all break out the hoods and robes and march around proudly.