Jen Psaki Drops a Real Whopper During the Press Briefing…

Jen Psaki Drops a Real Whopper During the Press Briefing...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Kyle Becker from Trending Politics reports, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had a factually suspect response to a reporter questioning the Biden administration about “safeguards” for “preferential treatment” in regards to hiring children and relatives for staff positions.

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I’m pretty sure history will disagree with Psaki’s assessment.

Dear God, please watch over the Audits, let the truth come out, and justice prevail, in Jesus name

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We should blush that the whole world can see that Biden’s Press Secretary is a liar, no better than those who promote the constant propaganda of their communist countries.


Psaki..LIAR , LIAR HAIR on FIRE.. The DEVIL, ” CIRCLES AROUND” her & this Administration. They truly are , THE EVIL EMPIRE “.. MAY GOD SAVE US(A).

Lyin biden

Hey there little red lying hood you sure are lying good.
You’re everything a demented old rapist could want.

What big lies you have.
You know it make biden glad.
That hire you to lie.

Just like obsma and Clinton everything the biden administration’s says is a lie.


To watch this freckled red head lie through her smiling teeth each and every day defending the soggy diapered President and his administration is an insult to the intelligence of every American.

Gerald S Ladd

Like her boss, she can’t tell the truth, ever.


What a lying,incompetent,circle back,nut case. The hidenbiden adminisration has no ethics at all, u pathetic,lying witch.


How do I unsubscribe this loony tune site that attract looney tune readers?
Followers are usually uneducated as those who there are following (Mr. T) watch these jokers spelling, I rest my case.


Delete your account. Join the Military. If you join, you can get Free health care, FREE dental, FREE food, FREE rent, FREE education and you get to travel and even get a few bucks. After serving this Great Country for 3 years, you can then join the country as the FREE AMERICAN instead of an ignorant Liberal.


how does she sleep at night lying so much?

ahem tonto

Press on with prevarications regardless of the truth Psaki is always at least an order of magnitude away from veracity. A female Judas to the republic of America.