Jane Fonda Approves COVID as ‘God’s Gift to the Left’


‘Hanoi Jane’ is at it again as she refers to COVID as God’s gift to the left.

The far-left actress cum activist urges Americans to support and vote for Biden-Harris in a video reported by Washington Free Beacon.

“We are people who can help determine which way humanity goes,” Jane Fonda began in the video. She then refers to COVID as a great gift and a tremendous opportunity.

She thinks the Dems are lucky for the coronavirus and have to use the situation with intelligence and courage.

“I just think COVID is God’s gift to the left,” Hanoi Jane went on.

Although she admits it’s a “terrible thing” to say, did she ponder her words before actually saying it?

Jane Fonda is adamant that President Trump did a terrible job fighting COVID-19. She insists that the president didn’t support the “average people” and “working people” in the onslaught of the pandemic.

She continued, “We can see it now, people who couldn’t see it before. They see it now, and we have a chance to harness that anger.”

The insensitivity of Fonda is astounding.

More than the crippled economy, over 200,000 Americans died due to COVID-19. Over one million people were killed worldwide. The statistics do not show the families and friends whose lives were affected due to the unbearable loss of loved ones.

Small businesses, or even established companies, were forced to shut down due to staggering loss in sales. More than half a year has passed and no one has yet to recover fully.

Jane Fonda has been known as a controversial persona for years due to her far-left political views.

Veterans never forgotten how this traitor posed for an anti-aircraft gun meant for shooting American pilots during the Vietnam War in 1972.

Who would believe a reviled figure?