James Clayburn’s Shocking Reaction to Police Salary…


According to House Majority Whip James Clyburn, the problem with the police is not training but recruiting. Apparently, the problem is “what kind of people that we are hiring in these positions” and that “we’ve got to pay better salaries.”

On Tuesday, Clyburn said on MSNBC’s The Last Word, “When I talk about reimagining it, we got to reimagine how we implement law enforcement in this country. One of those things we’ve got to do is stop talking about training. They’ve got some of the best training that can be created in our mind.”

“Our problem is about recruiting, what kind of people that we are hiring in these positions,” he continued. “One need to only look at the video from that police officer up there in Virginia, point his gun at a lieutenant in the United States Armed Services who is pleading with him. And he ignores all of his pleas and yelling at him like he’s some animal.”

“These kinds of people should not be on the police forces,” he added. “That’s our big problem. Not training. It’s recruiting.”


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“We got to recruit better people, and we’ve got to pay better salaries. You’re not going to get good people for the kind of salaries that we pay these police officers. We’ve got to do better,” Clyburn said.

While his colleagues call to “defund the police” or even Rashida Tlaib’s “no more policing,” Clyburn says “we’ve got to pay better salaries.”

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Gerald S Ladd

A bottom feeder coon.


A police officer sure ought to be paid a lot better than they are. Look what we pay these congressmen to destroy our country, while we pay squat for people to die trying to protect it.


Why do we put all the blame on the police and memorialize the criminals which Mr. Floyd was. Obey the law and respect or react appropriately will solve this problem.

Daniel Cortez

I would like see how many Washington politicians could pass a police background check.


Wasn’t James Clyburn, from South Carolina the person to donate money to Biden to help him win the nomination between Biden and Sanders. Should have donated that money to hungry children in the US, it would have made him a bigger patriot.


I hope he is just being untruthful…because what he is saying is totally against police training and the officer’s safety. A persons reason for being a police officer, may differ, with some good, some bad. The only constant is the training, and how each officer applies it. What the public don’t understand is the officer has a protocol, they are taught to follow in handling situations, what the public sees is the application of that training, which in large part is determined by the actions of the public, to either comply or resist… without force, with force, or resisting with deadly force.


As a retired police officer (medically due to injuries received while apprehending an armed robber/car thief/assailant/ escaped felon), I fully understand and agree with his outlook. I knew many great officers and knew a few that should never have received a badge. The great ones lasted a few years until they moved on (only so many can be promoted and receive pay increases). The few somehow managed to hang in there until they were able to retire and move on to private security jobs or other work while receiving their retirement. A department that I was aware of was in a university city where the officers received an education while working and then left for ‘greener’ pastures. These would have made great career officers, but the pay wasn’t there for them. The dedication to “hang your a** out there” is similar to being in the military. Public rah – rah at times but then ignored or vilified because of one or two individuals. One issue that I did observe was that the best police officers had a successful enlistment as a member of the military prior to becoming a police officer. I was also aware of a department that would not hire anyone without military service and at least one “good” year of college or votech in law enforcement.