It’s Better When He Doesn’t Speak: The Biden Team Openly Admits…

Fox News – ‘Gutfeld!’ analyzes mainstream media’s coverage of Biden presidency as three-month mark nears.

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Biden is boring, but the events happening around us are absolutely terrifying.

Anyone who is a parent knows when their kids are being quiet something is going on.

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Terri Hughes

Biden is NOT in charge of anything. Joe is not mentally capable of being in charge of our country. Harris is DANGEROUS and she needs to go. America is being destroyed, while the democrats play games. We need someone that will lead our country in the right direction. America can’t take four years of these idiots. Wake up America, before it is too late. The democrats, rinos and China are killing America. Use some common sense for once. Think about our kids and what they are having to face. This is not right. If you care about your kids, you will stop these evil people. OPEN YOUR EYES, AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!