It Has Begun: BLM Torches White Liberals Celebrating Biden

It Has Begun BLM Torches White Liberals Celebrating Biden
Image Screenshot From Andy Ngô Twitter Post Below.

The election is far from over, but the Democrats and liberals have taken to the streets, “celebrating” Joe Biden’s “victory.”

But the funny thing is, Black Lives Matter is ironically blasting the white liberals for celebrating. It seems they believe that white people in general should bow down to the BLM’s every demand.

It’s pretty ironic, but I have to say — they had it coming.

The Post Millennial journalist Andy Ngo posted a video on his Twitter account showing a BLM/Antifa group that tried to crash the Biden “celebration” party outside the White House.

According to his own comment, the group is known as the “They/Them Collective” — an Antifa group.

Even though they had this coming, there’s a question just begging to be asked. If Joe Biden can’t even unify his own party, how will he unite the country?