Is This Why Vaccinated Congress Members Are Still Wearing Masks?

Is This Why Vaccinated Congress Members Are Still Wearing Masks?

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are still wearing face masks even after getting vaccinated, and it shows us just how the pandemic rules might stay here for quite some time.

Last week, House Democrats began putting in motion a new rule change to fine members $500 for the first offense and then $2,500 on the second for those who don’t wear face masks.

This proposal was made after the Democrats baselessly blamed maskless Republicans who took shelter in the Capitol bunker during the recent siege of infecting three Democratic lawmakers.

However, the vaccination drive for members of Congress had begun in December. By now, most Congress members and even some of the staff have been allowed to get vaccinated. Even now, face masks remain compulsory on all federal property, following a new president’s new executive order last Wednesday.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there has not been sufficient evidence that proves vaccinated individuals cannot spread the virus. Thus, masks remain essential regardless of an individual’s immunity.

“If there is an example of a vaccine in widespread clinical use that has this selective effect — prevents disease but not infection — I can’t think of one!” wrote Harvard Dr. Paul E. Sax.

Dr. Monica Gandhi of the University of California agreed with Sax on Twitter, writing, “Please be assured that YOU ARE SAFE after vaccine from what matters — disease and spreading.”

Still, despite agreeing with Sax’s sentiments, Gandhi continues to urge vaccinated individuals to continue wearing masks.

Some Capitol Hill members still refuse to take the vaccine, either out of skepticism of the vaccine itself or out of insistence that front-liners such as medical workers get vaccinated before they do.

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carrol hoel

If you get the shot and you don’t have the virus then how can you give it to someone else. It makes no since at all.

Ruben D Alfaro

I believe the arm shots that were taken were probably a saline solution as opposed to receiving the vaccine. Who in their intelligent right mind would have themselves injected with a vaccine that hasn’t gone thru the proper vetting process. Even then, trusting the Pharmaceutical Companies to do the right thing since they can’t be held criminally or civilly. Too many times the Pharmaceutical Companies have committed crimes against humanity.

A.I. Marvin

What would you expect ? Certainly nothing that makes sense.


Again, I ask……How’s that CONTROLUS VIRUS workin’ out for everyone?


Typical Leftist/Democratic doublespeak. 1984 has arrived only 36 years later than George Orwell’s book title.


You know that just plain old regular working Americans are waiting for shots and I read here that most of congress got their shots in December. More proof of their malfeasance.

Helga Renfro

did you expect anything else????Ha!Ha! aren’t democrats great??? wait till you see the taxes, the gas prices. heating bills etc etc and don’t forget the millions out of work and losing more jobs with every EO he signs and when the caravans arrive and the invaders come by the thousands.


Now insisting masks must be worn even after being vaccinated is only to keep there hysteria alive. The campaign promise by bidum was that shortly after he would get into office he would get the virus under control. Now he says it may take years.

Helga Renfro

has he kept his word on anything ever for the 50 years he milked the tax payers and of course foreign countries for money. Never had a real job or created a job. A leech on society is what Biden is..


Vaccines don’t work on viruses. Look at the flu vaccines. This isn’t about a virus or a vaccine. If there were a real pandemic, the bums laying around the streets in every city, with terrible immunity issues, would have all dropped dead. It’s about a Marxist takeover and controlling the populace. Nothing applies to them, of course. And, none of them ever took this vaccine either. There have been reports of thousands who, after receiving the vaccines, have died. Mainstream media and the Washington elite will NEVER report the truth and Big Pharma goes on promoting their “cures” while earning millions.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sandra
Helga Renfro

that is not true the flu vaccine works very well. I have no idea where you got your information.

Helga Renfro

AOC got her shot as one of the first. I guess she thinks she is so important we wouldn’t survive without her????????Politicians shouldn’t get it all until the important people that care for us and working to supply us with food ect.

wood reaux

Take a look at the Polio vaccine rollout in 1953…120K children were paralyzed and many more people died from the vaccine! after about 5 years a perfected version was given(sugarcube) and was safe. No need for this crap. There is no NEW virus, just a variant of influenza. The mRNA was developed as a chemotherapy agent they now want to inject us with. Containing nonbiological components(microbots probably)that have not been removed or explained. Gates foundation busted many times for giving vaccines in 3rd world with this “extra” stuff in it causing sterility, death and illness. Beware of the Gates,Clinton and other “foundations” that push the Agenda21 and Agenda2030 etc!