Is the FBI Finally on the Voter Fraud Case?

Is the FBI Finally on the Voter Fraud Case?
Image credit to Pixabay. Image modified from original.

Former Trump campaign data strategist Matt Braynard recently announced that the FBI has requested to access his findings on voter fraud in the 2020 election.

The Voter Integrity Project is a crowd-sourced funded project that Braynard started to dig deep into the data of the 2020 election in an attempt to find any irregularities where voter fraud may have been present.

In a tweet, Braynard explained that the FBI had directly requested his findings regarding illegal ballots. By Tuesday, he claimed, all of the data would be in the hands of the FBI.

A day before he revealed that the FBI was requesting his findings, he stated that he would present them at hearings and in court filings.

His analysis has found that in Georgia, “nearly 100% of the voters who disguised a postal facility as their residential address voted absentee, with nearly zero votings on Election Day.”

Below you can watch him explain the findings and conclusions of the Voter Integrity Project.