Is It A Tumor? Everyone Noticed a Huge Lump on Joe Biden’s Head

Is It A Tumor? Everyone Noticed a Huge Lump on Joe Biden's Head

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden gave another speech and added to his already long list of gaffes.

As usual with Biden, his speech was filled with pauses and mumbling, and he obviously lost his train of thought more than a few times.

Tom Elliot, the founder of Grabien, a news-clipping service, pointed out a lump with some yellowish discoloration on Biden’s head.

Yet, press reports have given no insight into what the lump could be.

Watch The Next News Network’s report on this issue here:

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It’s another brain fart trying to escape!


how can that be with no brain?i think it was transplanted from obumbo!




Actually, it is a bruise where Kamala hit him, to keep him in line

Kevin Meyer

it is a result of a frying pan contusion inflicted by his boss tile face pelosi.

charles wilkins

Time to stand up and be heard:
Let’s take a look at current news reporting events, Kerry “tells all” to Iran about Israel’s “secret raids” against Iran, Biden then starts payments to Palestine, giving them funds to buy rockets for Hamas from Iran using them in attacks against Israel. Biden shuts down keystone pipe line, Colonial pipe line gets shut down, guess Kerry will take solar panels down south instead of gasoline, Biden will issue electric cars for all Illegals so that they won’t be inconvenience by current events. Who is calling the shots at the white House ? Why is Biden off limits to the press questions? Why are the white house visit/ phone logs off limit to the public? Stick to your American ideals folks: Biden family caught in bed with China Spy Rings,” Hunter” is now suppose to under investigation for working those same Chinese spy rings. It’s apparent socialist Biden’s policies are not working, our country is in turmoil, beginning downslides of financial declines, in energy cost, gasoline prices are rising, employment failing , with total economic losses. Tax and spend, spend and tax is not a forward moving policy, it just points puts us in a quick trend towards bankruptcy. Time for positive change, with leadership that can solve problems, not add that false promise of fair, equal over sized government control The Biden’s have sold their American values for profit, power, and are now trying to hold that position of socialist, communist values at all cost. They are violating our Constitution, our principal, and most of all our American values. The Biden dictatorship is done, people are tired of his cluster fxxx ideas, all are now seeing the truth of their lies the worm is turning. America must return to it’s glory, time for real leadership to return. Instead of facing charges for lying on Federal forms, he writes another book!


He probably walked into something and bruised his skull


The Fake Doctor Jill Biden hit him in the head with a baseball bat to wake him up at ten am in the morning, because he had to take his Prevagen. It’s not working!

Laura Wagner

Nah, it isn’t a tumor. Either Jill clocked him or he fell again. We wouldn’t be so lucky that he died in office this soon.

Robert Richey

That lump is just an after-effect from all the face-lifts that Dumbo Joe has had.