Investigations Begin into the GA Secretary of State


On Saturday, President Trump had a one-hour long phone call with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and state election officials regarding the 2020 election in Raffensperger’s state where fraud was rampant.

President Trump insisted that he won the state during the one-hour phone call and even threatened legal consequences, although vague. Trump’s attorneys and Georgia attorneys were on the call as well.

Sometime after the phone call, Raffensperger’s team leaked it to the Washington Post, which took 24 hours to publish a piece using edited clips of the phone call.

Georgia Republican chairman David Shafer later announced that President Trump and his team had filed two lawsuits against Secretary of State Raffensperger.


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“President Donald Trump has filed two lawsuits — federal and state — against Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger,” Shafer began. “This was after Raffensperger secretly recorded the ‘confidential settlement discussion’ of that litigation that is still pending. The audio published by the Washington Post is heavily edited. It omits the stipulation that all discussions were to settle litigation and confidential under federal and state law.”

According to reporter Jack Posobiec, the White House plans to refer Brad Raffensperger to the Secret Service for investigation “under national security grounds of the Espionage Act.”