Interesting: CDC Cancels Football & No One Obeys…

Interesting: CDC Cancels Football & No One Obeys...
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The Jimmy Dore Show – Throughout the pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control has routinely issued dictates allegedly based on “science” but which frequently fail to take into account the real world most of us live in.

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The idea anyone is listening to the CDC about anything at this point is chilling

One way to know if a stated policy is wrong on the facts is if, when a group doesn’t follow that policy, the predicted consequences that should occur to that group committing the infraction do NOT actually occur. The fact that states and groups, like in this football story, that flagrantly violate CDC guidelines have not become hotbeds of disease and death, with mass graves being dug for the violators, is proof that the CDC is an utter failure when it comes to what it should do best – provide accurate predicative modeling of disease outcomes.


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I think a lot of people re missing the agenda. They are in the process of programing the children. Please talk with your children and make them understand what is happening in their schools.