Instant Terror When Christians Look Up at this Billboard!

Instant Terror When Christians Look Up at this Billboard!

Last week, a billboard in Mississippi was vandalized by people who support Planned Parenthood.

The billboard originally contained “Worried? JESUS offers security,” followed by the phone number for the Christian Aid Ministries, but vandals turned the message around.

“Worried? Planned Parenthood offers abortions,” the altered message read.

The vandals were proud of what they did. In fact, they even announced that they were responsible for the vandalism and included photos of them in the act.

“The alteration was carried out by the Activist Art Collective, INDECLINE and is in direct response to lawmakers throughout the South who continue their attempts to overturn Roe v. Wade. The collective also has immediate plans to turn the imagery from the vandalized billboard into an NFT and auction it off with proceeds going to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund,” the vandals wrote in a press release.

Christian Aid Ministries is an international non-profit organization that aids people who need help around the world.

The ministry has helped many people by distributing basic necessities to impoverished people, educating those in material poverty to overcome their situations, cleaning up and rebuilding after natural disasters in the U.S., helping victims of war, and operating medical clinics in Haiti and Nicaragua.

Do these vandals really believe they’re getting their message across by doing what they did?

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William Simpson



As a Christian I would tear the bill hard down before I would let them profit off of it. The Christian will have the last laugh because supporting abortion makes you as guilty as the dr who performs it. The bill board should read Hell is waiting for all who not only perform abortions but anyone who supports the slaughter of innocent babies.

Gerald S Ladd

The NiggeRAT party IS the party of death.

Donald H Beck

God sees and hears everything. If you don’t turn from your evil ways you will have a very uncomfortable place in HELL set aside for you.