Insanity: More on LeBron James’ Deleted Tweet…

More on LeBron James' Deleted Tweet...

The Next News Network – Wendell Husebo from Breitbart reports, On Wednesday, NBA star LeBron James tweeted a photo of a police officer who was present when Ma’Khia Bryant was shot, with the caption, “You’re Next.”

Top Comments:

Lebron James should talk to his pals over there in China if he wants to comment on TRUE civil rights violations.

I’m seriously done with Sports and HollyWeird no more can’t stomach any of it.

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Paul Lamothe

When you look up Ignorant Moron in the dictionary you see a picture of Lebron James. If you look up is IQ you see a picture of a rock!

Joe Mcelyea

Lebron James Needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. If he does not like let him move to China. I will never watch another NBA game!!!!!


Celebrates ruin their lives overnight by exposing themselves as morons definition a stupid person.