Insanity: Buttigieg Issues His Threat to America

Insanity: Buttigieg Issues His Threat to America
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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has gone past lying to the people to actually threatening America.

On Monday, Buttigieg made an appearance on The Breakfast Club to promote President Joe Biden’s $2.5 trillion infrastructure plan and police reform.

When asked for his opinion about how Army Lt. Caron Nazario was treated by the Virginia police, Buttigieg said, “I don’t know. I have [no] words for how that makes me feel.” He then voiced out that he was against “one of our troops in uniform being treated that way.”

Lt. Nazario had been filmed getting pepper-sprayed as the Virginia police locked him in handcuffs.

Then, the host asked him, “Does this administration really care about holding police accountable?” to which Buttigieg immediately said, “Absolutely.”

“That’s why this administration, for example, is pushing for the George Floyd Policing Act to be passed,” he continued. “The House passed it. We need to get that through the Senate.”

“This country is not whole until something changes. And I think I know that’s important to the president,” he added. “It’s important, I think, to everybody in this administration, and the country will be hurting until we can fix this.”

“But when does it stop?” the host asked. “It seems like it’s the same scenario over and over and over and over again. It just seems like there’s no accountability and nothing ever.”

Buttigieg then responded that “there has to be accountability.” He continued, “That’s part of what needs to change in terms of reforms.”

Buttigieg added that most are local decisions, but “there is also a national culture,” where “national laws like the George Floyd Act would make a difference.”

“We’re up against the entire history of this country… We’re up against 400 years. But I really believe it has to change in our lifetime or the country doesn’t make it,” he said.

So it’s either police reform or the downfall of the country. Aren’t the Democrats leading America there already?

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charles wilkins

Look weasel, America does not take threats too kindly, Democrats tax and spend, spend and tax. you were not liked as mayor, and now even less: Double standard again and again, Kerry out of his prior cabinet position , keep going to visit Iran, to do and say what? Giuliani the Presidents attorney under Trumps request followed up on the then “public corruption complaints” on Hunter Biden, the Double standard again, and of course then VP Biden held loans over their head unless investigation into the Biden’s was halted. Think Biden’s FBI lapdog’s went after Giuliano’s computer and evidence at his office on the Biden’s and failed to recover the additional copies and any of Giuliano’s evidence etc . They were not there, probably shipped off to his lawyer for safe keeping? Or any one of Trump’s many lawyers? God only knows where Giuliani’s investigation files are now. Guess there will be another 40 man raid on Roger Stone’s residence? This all will resurface one day, but of course not the copies the FBI held for year plus now! Joe, nice try but once again you failed, on no there goes my Legacy


This guy filled a few pot holes in a small town now he thinks he has knowledge to lead a nations infrastructure plan. When asked about his qualifications he said he rode a train in college and proposed to his husband in an airport.

Rob Anthonisen

I wonder if his husband agrees with him!!!

Stacy Dougherty

Its not about knowledge for these want a bee tyrants its about power without knowledge. AOC is the same way. We have a want a be leader Biden who has been in politics for over 40 yrs and learned nothing but has power. Do ya think these power grabber trying to fool Americans into their delusional policies know anything about any subject?


Yet they didn’t touch anything about hunter! What wray wants is dirt on President Trump. Smells doesn’t it?

Stacy Dougherty

The democrat liberal left needs another distraction!

Maggie Cox

This is what we get when idiots like Buttigieg are in charge…….
It will get even worse with every passing day


I agree, so what are we going to do about it?

Stacy Dougherty

Laugh at them or ridicule them and the people who don’t fall for their delusions those are the people who need to unite. Fight the good fight of faith. There is a God and its not the democrat party. Yes that will pop their bubble.


no kidding, now Beijing Joe puts Cuomo in charge of the CV task force, that the h….

Stacy Dougherty

Don’t let it get worse.. resist. They are trying to manufacture mass psychosis for totalitarianism! That is the name of the game for the radical left. Time to be the United States a “We the People” and crush their efforts of control.

White Might

Every single democrat on the national stage is a pathetic radical out to destroy this country. They have a large backing: the unions (especially the greedy teachers’ unions), the illegals, the bottom 50% who pay no taxes, the welfare crowd, BLM, ANTIFA, those with mental problems (about 20% of the population), the homeless and the criminals. I can only hope there is enough intelligence and responsibility out there to overcome all this in the November 22 elections.


It would be good if our wonderful republican leaders were out preaching just what you have said, in loud and clear language. Problem is, many more than we thought, have either been bought or threatened if they show any opposition. That is my thought on it.


I hate to be a pessimist but, I don’t think that our Republic will make it to see the 2022 elections! Even if it does, the corrupt, lying, cheating and treasonous Democrats will just cheat again in 2022 like they did in 2020.


Well your wrong. I’m union and I know lots of union members you can’t stand Biden . I’m in the middle class , my son has autism and my brother is mentally retardant. We all want Trump back


Scott the problem is we need 50 million of you but we don’t but a few.


Well said, but they are super smart. We are in trouble. Nobody is doing anything to stop all this.




now that’s not nice, yes he’s like to smoke long haired cigars and take bad meat in the can, but that’s no reason to be abusive.

Stacy Dougherty

Watch out he just may take you up on it.


Personally, I don’t respond well to threats or intimidation! My first reaction would be to wipe that smile off his face (literally). It’s past time for US to remove the corrupt Democrat Domestic Terrorist Party from power!


Let’s talk about accountability. I know it is amazing but the criminals all of them involved should also be held accountable. They have broken the law and in many cases numerous times. Yet still on the street. Then when confronted by the law they either resist arrest or flat out run and most times it’s both offenses. So now, let’s discuss accountability.

Stacy Dougherty

I have observed in the past 5 yrs more so then ever that it pays to be the victim! That is what the democrats are teaching these days.


Another wannabe idiot!

Stacy Dougherty

another idiot on the our payroll..


The new undeniable definition of TRUTH is…whatever the LIE say it is.


Jesus talk about a “Fear Campaign”!
I wished he would’ve got elected, I’ve always wondered what other countries would think of a First Man.


Butgiggle is nothing but another queer who has the try to shove his way of life on us. He’s nothing but a Biden yes “man” who does exactly as he’s told by our dictator. I really hope those who helped put Biden, Butgiggle and the rest of the socialists (spell that communists) in office are proud and happy with what they’ve done to help destroy our once free country. It most definitely will come back some day and bite them right in the ass.


Yup good old worthless dirt bag Floyd.
Nazi dems have been instigating blacks attacking police. Floyd created his own problem. Funny all this happens in democrats city’s. Run by democrats politicians. Blacks have majority in most of these shit holes. Keep voting for these crooks who destroyed their city’s..
The numbers don’t match the rhetoric bull shit from democrats
Quit blaming whites for your own stupid shit….
Blacks kill blacks a hundred times more than whites.
Police take abuse from worthless blacks in democrat city’s.
We don’t see this in NlR ark or other republican city’s

John J

America should ban Muslims and Queers from our government

Dawg Hersey

didnt reconize without johnson in mouth

Daniel Cortez

Why don’t the politicians talk about reforming the criminals? If you commit a crime, you do the time. What’s so hard to understand. Criminals don’t have a color, or race. But it’s wrong the rich can buy their out of doing time, regardless what race or color you are. In our system money talks. And we have seen that for ourselves. If you commit murder, you pay the price.