INSANE: You Won’t Believe Where 100 Billion Was Stolen From

INSANE: You Won't Believe Where 100 Billion Was Stolen From
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Ben Shapiro
– An estimated 100 billion dollars of covid relief fraud was recently unearthed by the United States Secret Service.

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Anyone who thinks the”missing” funds didn’t end up in political pockets is helplessly naive.

If the Government was run like a business, people would be held accountable and fired.


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Ben, it would be beautiful to watch if it really happens. But, my common sense tells me that voter fraud will be just the same, and off the charts MUCH worse in 2022 and 2024 because just like the demonRATs knew in 2020:

1) they cannot win unless they pass laws for all the illegals to vote they they are paying them to vote with free everything, free child care, free checks every month, free housing, free food, free healthcare, free education… and they are FORCING us citizens to pay them with OUR tax dollars.

2) they know that they have to make a law and ban voter ID , no verification, rigged voting machines that default to their candidates, allowing China, Russia, and all their owned countries hacking them, drop boxes for invalid ballots, with no signatures, and counting the same ballots 10 times each, and their bought and paid for “counting crew” throwing the republican conservative ballots into the trash and burned, and the BLM and Antifa style mobs there who gang up and bully and run out those who are there to monitor and view what is being done to make sure all rules kept to keep it honest….. as truck loads, and truck loads of last minuite12th hour ballots that just appear out of the blue that they will claim were just found.

An honest election won’t happen because they got away with the worse fraud that has ever come out of the traitorous demonRAT swamp. There is not one single honest cell, or moral, honest, law abiding bone in any of the demonRAT party mafia, JoeBama, George Soros, Obama, and their mobs. They are rotten, evil, hateful, dishonest and untrustworthy to the core. I don’t put anything past these people… and it will be THEY who will scream to the tops of their lungs as they accuse others of what they do and what they get by with….and it will be THEM who lie about it just to throw us off their own treason that they are committing right before our eyes. There will be voter fraud, but it will be them who is continuing their voter fraud where they left off in 2008, 2012, 2016, and 2020.

They will be committing it right before our eyes, and there is not a single person on our planet who can do a thing about it because the dems are gang up bullies who are above and exempt from our laws and who use their highest offices as weapons against those that they hate.

Communism 101