Insane: This BLM Chant Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Insane: This BLM Chant Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Black Lives Matter activists have popped up in Ohio, this time threatening to fight back against the police.

These BLM thugs were protesting the fatal shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant, a 16-year-old female who was shot by a Columbus officer last week. She had lunged for another female, knife in hand, even after the police officer told her to stop.

As usual, BLM doesn’t care about what the truth is as long as they have an excuse to riot, loot, and destroy things. As the Democrats continue to allow these “peaceful protests” to occur, Black Lives Matter thugs continue to get bolder.

BLM mobs know they can get away with whatever they do, so they get bolder and bolder. Now, they’re talking about retaliating against police.

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth—is this what it’s coming to?” the BLM thug screamed into a loudspeaker. “We’re not gonna sit here and just sit around while you shoot and kill us and go back to the suburbs.”

“We’re sick,” he continued. “Maybe it needs to be an eye for an eye.” Then, he chanted: “They shoot us, we shoot them! You shoot us; we shoot you!”

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So that’s what you Hood “N” want? Well come on let’s DANCE.


Here you are; yet another naive slave to believe corrupt media attacking BLM.


Here you are another fool falling for a BS narrative. The only Black lives BLM care about are the ones killed by WHITE Cops. Ridiculous…….
You need to research the people your following.

ron k

So which do you support? blm/international or the statement? Hint, 1 is a marxist org to over throw the gov. the other is a racist movement. choose wisely grasshopper.

Stacy Dougherty

Trump was right again! Just like Antifa is a domestic terrorist group within our border so is BLM! This has gone way beyond what is called a real peaceful protest or as FBI Director Wray calls it “A movement” Yeah its like a bowel movement! Martin L King is turning over in his grave at what he is seeing BLM doing to this Country and its Citizens. At least the Republican party has the guts to call it out for what these groups really are a bunch of bullies Thugs being funded! I say go out a get a real job before its only a matter of time BLM will be jailed for their domestic civil threats!


Just like DC. But you weren’t crying about that were you Karen?

Maureen Stanford

You know? Are you really so programmed that the only ammunition in your arsenal is to blame Trump for absolutely everything that the mainstream media vomits out in order to keep us all stirred up? D.C., my friend was masterminded by your idols, the Democratic Party, in order to deflect what they were really doing which was planning, financing and sending in the appropriate thugs to try to put a nail in Trump’s coffin. But imagine that….he didn’t have a coffin and we’re not the hayseeds you think we are. We’re far smarter than the Liberal slaves who’ll believe anything and everything your Democrat masters tell you to believe. It’s quite pathetic to witness but there is a cure for what ails you. It’s called your brain. We all have one and I promise, it wouldn’t hurt a bit if you all started using yours.


Whomever wrote this article is attacking BLM.

Rick Love

Yeah, sure, those nice peaceful folks from BLM would never, ever hurt anyone, right?


That’s because they should be attacked. They are two faced an only care about media attention not lives.


You are the typical liberal idiot. That is what BLM and Antifa are all about, intimidation and threats. And if necessary brake some bones or just kill somebody. Most if these people if not all are mentally unstable and psychotic. And to BLM they think that black people should be allowed to violate any law without repercussions. As far as I am concerned, you break the law you get punished no matter what your race or skin color are.


But all those attacking the capitol where fine people 😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡


No, they weren’t,they were ANTIFA.


They’ve been emboldened by the very people that control the police departments. The politicians worried about image and their next election.


My opinion, the police are showing great restraint, and I think they should just slam these ignorant criminals to the ground and haul them off and jail them until thier hearings. Evidently BLM does not care about the black lives or black businesses or jobs they are destroying. And if that cop hadn’t shot that girl she would stand trial for murder and the other would be dead, then they would riot and protest because the police didn’t stop the other from killing her. Some people like that idiot Joy Behar watch to much TV, because real life is totally different than the movies.


Great restraint? Where you in an uproar when your kinfolk attacked the capitol?

Maureen Stanford

Ya think? Hopefully, they’ll keep on attacking BLM for however long it takes. BLM is a cancer, like Liberalism. There are millions of us who are disgusted by them and their ignorant tactics. It’s all a LIE. BLM doesn’t give a rat’s **s about Black lives. If you think they do, I invite you to spend a weekend in East St. Louis, Illinois then come back and extol the nonexistent virtues of BLM…that is, if you make it back! Maybe Chicago would be better..or Portland or just about any major city in the country. Somehow BLM doesn’t stir up any warm and fuzzy feelings for anyone, do they?. Especially when all they seem to care about is acting like the thugs they are, as they loot, riot, burn and destroy. Did I leave out something? Oh yeah, I guess it was all of the good deeds they’ve done….if there were any, that is.


All I can say is this. BLM is doing a good job. I am becoming a racist. This group is ridiculous. This situation in Columbus is ridiculous. Watch the footage it’s as if it was set up. They did nothing until the Police got out of their car. The Cop should have shot that POS an they should of shot the black POS male who kicked the girl while she was down. Maybe Police should cut off the black community. Let them police themselves.


I love that idea. Then they can’t blame the police. You are a genius.


But the capitol riot was fine. Racist clown


It was a true peaceful protest by any measure


These blacks aren’t blm people , their just dumb ass racists blacks working for the delusional democrats . If they were real blm people they would be helping blacks instead of buying 1.4 millon dollar homes for themself’s with money not theirs . If they were real blm people they won’t be killing blacks and say some must die for their cause . This BS has nothing to do with helping blacks , in fact it will hurt blacks more in the long run . You think you were treated bad befor … wait … it will get worse because of the delusional democrats fake blm slaves . They be good nigers for their master’s . As a half breed my self , I for one am tired of this BS . The hate is begaining already for people that have nothing to do with this racists fake blm BS . They f#ck up and we pay for it . It will only get worse in time with no end to stop the racists hate , all thanks to the dumb ass delusional democrats running the country by corruption for the power to rule . I see our so called fake VP is giving her kids book to all illegal kids , guess who’s paying for her book … we are . It was part of the package the delusional democrats made up .she gets over a millon dollars as part of that package . She’s paying for her book with our tax money . How’s that for the corruption in our government . this is only the start of what the delusional democrats are doing and their using the fake blm and atefia to get it done . Trumps looking pretty good right about now . My own daughter is turning racists , she belives the delusional democrats that there was not voters fraud and that old joe won fair and square . Where did I go wrong raising her to think for her self . Belive what you see , not what your told


Too bad Oldwolf. feel sorry for your daughter. “They know not what they do!”


Well if that’s what you want, then start your “revenge tour” in Washington, D.C. Can kill two birds with one stone! Most likely won’t even get any push-back from “whitey”!

Purple heart

You talk the talk can you punks walk the walk!!! Bring it on don’t just run your mouth boys let’s see what you got. Oh big turnout at the protest ha ha ha

charles wilkins

If you choose to accept this assignment gentleman the main goal will be to save that 200 million Hunter received from my friends at communist China, the Biden family is counting on you, naturally all records of this conversation are destroyed. Title five must never come into play. “In one of his very first acts as president, Joe Biden appointed someone called Nicholas McQuaid to run the DOJ’s Criminal Division, the all-important Criminal Division. Turns out that’s the same Criminal Division that’s currently investigating Biden’s son, Hunter. So, who is this Nicholas McQuaid exactly? Well, this show can tell you that he is a former business partner of Hunter Biden’s new criminal defense attorney, a man called Christopher Clark,” Carlson said last week. “Hunter Biden apparently hired Clark in December to help him with a federal investigation into his business dealings, the criminal investigation that the DOJ is conducting.” “Both McQuaid and Clark were law partners together at Latham and Watkins, they worked on the same cases right up until McQuaid took the job at the Department of Justice,” Carlson continued. “On January 21st of this year, the same day, Nicholas McQuaid was featured in a Justice Department press release, Latham and Watkins filed a motion in court to withdraw McQuade as an attorney he was working on with Christopher Clark. So that means Joe Biden put as the head of the Criminal Division, the partner of the guy his son had hired to defend him against the Criminal Division.”


BLM/Antifa are in training to be the new Enforcers for the Democrat Socialist Party. Looting, shooting, burning and destroying are their method of operation and “Burn It Down” is their mantra. Why else would the Democrat party spend time Defunding, demoralizing and destroying their present law enforcement if they weren’t looking to replace them with a mob of Enforcers who have vowed to burn the system down and destroy the nuclear family? .Italy had their Brown Shirts, Germany had the Gestapo, the Democrats will have BLM/Antifa.


As Batman asked Superman, “Tell me do you bleed” we will find out when this crap they started goes full steam.

John J

Support the KKK, I DO!

John J

16 Year old WHITE boy was just recently shot and killed by a Maryland State Trooper, where is the outrage, where is the media on that one?


Sounds fair to me. If police continue to kill innocent men and women then what’s good fir the gander… same thing’ll make u laugh’ll make you cry 😂😂😂😂


Well they must wish to shot.

Bart Ohama

That’s what you get from shitheads that follow a shithead movement. Let’s be perfectly clear, the blm ‘martyrs’ were victims of their own stupidity something they share with the blm followers. For then ignorance is bliss.