Insane: Pipeline Protesters Chain Their Necks Together!

Insane: Pipeline Protesters Chain Their Necks Together!

Last week, a group of pipeline protesters chained their necks to wooden poles using bike locks in a demonstration.

They had erected these poles in front of the White House, calling on President Joe Biden to shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is shortened to DAPL.

This protest was done by activists to call for the president to stop the “climate-destroying projects” that mainly negatively impact the indigenous people and “Mother Earth.”

Many of them carried signs reading, “President Biden: Shut down DAPL.”

Meanwhile, other protesters even went as far as to call on Biden to take action and “be the climate president you claim to be.”

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Stupid is as stupid does! Who cares what these idiots think or do!


Beyond a DOUBT!!!!


Let them stay there chained and ignore their demands.

Stacy Dougherty

“Common man” Biden will put you back in chains no need to do it yourself!

Briben biden

Poor some wd40 on them to help make the neck chains Chaffee less.

If yuletide wd40 on you you get a horrible taste in your mouth..

Briben biden

Good! Tie a rope to the chain. Hook the rope to a pickup truck put it is 4wd and gun it. After a couple miles find a gully and toss them in. Done.

Environmentalist are responsible for all the deaths and destruction from the wild fires as they forced the current forrest management practices on us.

Give tbey are all murderers there is no reason to treat them like anything less.


Oh wow! Paid by the Biden donors to play act a protest!


Just think if i had no job and lived off people i could run around & demand stupid things too, # Get a Job!!!!!!!

carrol hoel

You can not cure STUPID.


And THAT is for SURE!!!!