INSANE: NYC ENDS School’s ‘Gifted & Talented’ Programs…

INSANE: NYC ENDS School's 'Gifted & Talented' Programs...
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Ben Shapiro – Mayor Bill De Blasio plans to end classes for gifted and talented students because of “racial segregation.” Shapiro weighs in.

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How do we solve wealth inequality? Left: “Easy, make everybody poor.” How do we solve educational inequality? Left: “Easy, make everybody poorly educated.”

Gifted doesn’t just mean accelerated. Gifted kids actually have different learning needs and often don’t do well in a regular classroom. And many gifted boys aren’t recognized because the school system falsely equates good behavior with intelligence. But bored kids act out, especially boys.

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We moved when I was in the third grade. on day one, the new teacher gave us a math assessment test, then divided us into the “capable” and the “incapable,” and she had us all stand when she called our names and then move to one side of the room. I heard her call my name, so I stood up. I was in the “capable” side of the room.

She divided us so she could just let the “incapable” founder with a minor bit of instruction, thus allowing her more time to teach the “capable.”

Alas! As she arranged us in our respective sides of the room, she looked at me and asked, “What are you doing over here?!” I said, “You called my name.” And yes she had, but there were two of us with the same name. She was flustered but allowed me to stay on the smart side so long as I kept up.

Well, okay, it was tougher than math had ever been for me in my previous school, but I took a personal vow to keep up. The teacher started out keeping a sharp eye on me, but I pulled through, and soon I was accepted as being “capable.”

I learned a valuable lesson: work hard and don’t allow anyone to pigeon hole me. It got me everything I wanted from life, with no regrets. It didn’t come easy, but it came!

CRT is teaching our children that they belong in pigeon holes. It tells some that they can never achieve anything for themselves due to their dark skin tones, while it tells others that they don’t deserve any of their achievements due to their “white privilege.” It used to be called the soft racism of “incapability” or “low expectation,” but today, CRT is hard racism.

I overcame the false label of “incapable,” but CRT is actually the “systemic racism” of America today. It actively works to turn all of us out as being “incapable.” The only hope our youth today can cling to is being taught at home. Many parents incorrectly believe that they are not as good as “real” school teachers. Seriously?! Stop it! You are far superior to the goons that propagandize their children in public schools. Parents — teach your own children. Save them from a public school pigeon hole. Teach them to be overcomers.

Dina Todorova

Well, not all are the same, some kids are talented, some are not. It has nothing to do with race,debilBlasio! May be your kids were not accepted in this program, so you decided to start revenge…..


Of course, because Dementia Joe and incompetent NYC mayor De Blowhole are so insanely jealous of the talented and gifted (TAG) kids. Besides that, they might grow up to become Republicans, which would be disastrous for the Demoncrap Party…