Insane: Joe Biden Praises MOONBAT Congress Member…

Joe Biden Praises MOONBAT Congress Member...
Image from video below...

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– Reagan McCarthy from Townhall reports, Joe Biden paid a visit to Detroit, Michigan on Tuesday, and huddled with a notoriously anti-Israel member of Congress. As Israel is under attack by a terrorist organization, Biden said that he “admires” Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), a vocal opponent of Israel.

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She is full of “passionate” HATRED.

I constantly scratch my head and wonder who voted for these people, what was their thought process.

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These people were elected on promises that they didn’t keep. If anyone is a liberal they will fall for anything that they believe will benefit themselves. Liberals have been found to have mental processing inabilities.


They were voted by bribes and promises eventually machines all geared to throw the repubs out. She along with her anti-American friends should be deported at the very least.


Biden always showing his true socialist colors.Anyone siding with this governor is justifiably bat crazy.


Enough said


Biden is a really sick person. He compliments a member of congress that is anti America and anti Israel. She should be thrown out of congress for violating her oath of office.

Bobby Stephens

all of our congress should be thrown out as traitors to our great nation


It will never happen. Demo Demons don’t care about the American Population and sure the Don’t care for the Israeli People either. The Sorry Demo Demons are all Satan Family Members.


Hidenbiden is just as pathetic as this Israel hating, anti=American, terrorist loving.pathetic,sick,idiot.


Biden and his Democrat KOMRADES are something beyond “Sick and Depraved”, they along with their PET Media Group and Social Media Creeps are the TRUE “ENEMIES OF WE THE LEGAL, PATRIOTIC, CONSTITUTION-LOVING, AMERICA-LOVING AMERICAN CITIZENS” and it is time We all STOOD UP to them and call them for what they are!

Wanda Frost

Joe Biden dumbest, unknowing, uncaring, stupid creature on God’s great earth.

Buddy H.

Biden admires lampposts to. He once saw his reflection in a mirror and carried on a conversation for an hour until his handlers found him.


And they carry on about these comments like there is nothing wrong about hating your country or your allies. Why haven’t they been removed? How much further is this going to go before the powers that be take care of it?

Gerald S Ladd

LMAO…feeble Joe found out she was easy fucking, and he wants in on it, as he’s not getting any at home. Jill’s to busy banging Hunter.


That is probably TRUE ! Dr. Jill Only married Beijing Joe O’ Biden for that REASON !


Beijing Joe O’ biden loves Terrorist Synthesizers ! That why he is defending TrashIda Tlaib One of the Deplorable Stooge Sister’s. If she had her way ALL Americans and Jews people would be DEAD right now.