Insane Democrat: She Tries to Change the Definition of a Word?

Insane: Dem Tries to Change the Definition of a Word

The Next News Network – Mike LaChance from American Lookout reports, Joe Biden is trying to pass a multi-trillion dollar infrastructure bill that isn’t really about infrastructure. As a result, Democrats are straining to redefine what counts as infrastructure.

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In liberal speak. It means anything that pads their pockets.

She’s a product of the NY public schools system, so.

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charles wilkins

The Biden legacy, it’s true he has never had an original thought of his own, currently all his plans come from the left, the man who wanted to be president, really never had a plan of his own, or any dream for America of his own, except too destroy Trumps accomplishments. He is mentally unfit to be our President, this guy spent a life time of lying or stealing others ideas, he is a relic from the past who should have stayed there, not any new ideas, only spend and tax, spend and tax, this does not solve problems, he can’t solve problems because he is not a leader, only someone who can cause real problems as indicated, by his current border policy. I’m still convince 90% of his smoke screen BS are attempts to hid the money the Biden family “his son” received from Communist China. After all 200 million dollars is no small amount of money, what did the Biden’s do to earn it? or is it being earned now? Why does everyone in DC think, that flying around the world on tax payor monies, cutting personal deals to make money OK? this is sick, where is the report he is fit to serve? His actions are not reflective of American values, trying to bankrupt our Country, and hope all of his actions take away from the fact, his family [son] got the 200 million from communist China. Defunding police return us to days of vigilante justice, radical democrats, this will open a Pandora’s box of righteous justice extremist, seeking their ideal of justice, instead of established law, provided by our courts and society. If law and order is not allowed to continue, the radical left “under Biden” will destroy out country from within. these deceivers attained a political voice, positions of authority. must be removed and voted out of office, they are not true Americans, and don’t abide by American values, or our American Justice system. Democrats in office now, lack any ability to govern, again, tax spend policy does not solve problems, without the police force to serve, we will have total chaos in society.


What you just said is absolutely 1000% correct. It’s the whole plan straight out of the communist book, “Rule for Radicals’, and “The Cloward & Piven Strategy” that they use to take down nations “from within”, using the division of the citizens to USE us to destroy ourselves and our country FOR THEM. They have divided us so we will do the job of destroying our country, our homes, our health, our wealth, our independence, our freedoms, our family unit, our faith, our God, our way of life, and our sovereignty, our laws, our jobs, and every aspect of our lives…. USING US TO DESTROY OURSELVES AND OUR COUNTRY FOR THEM. They could not do it without our permission and without our help. They have USED us to to this for them, and half of the nation obeys their every command because they allow the demonRAT party to think for them and to dictate to them. They are rats in a maze waiting on their next command on what they are to do next, and convinced that self destruction is best for the good of the communist demonRAT party mafia.


I believe the entire “Defund/Disband the police” is intentional and meant to allow chaos and anarchy. Once there is no stability in the nation the administration can police us using the government or their buddies in the UN. Then we will have NO Liberty at all. Those who vote for these subjects to rule over the masses are complete IDIOTS. Vote every democrat out that’s on the ballot in 2022 and beyond. We need to also get rid of every swamp rat, old and young. I think intelligent people know who they are.

Paul Lamothe

Gillabrand is a idiot with no common sense!


Infrastructure BS. They are probably still paying for the election that the lying bastards stooled.

John Decker

So, Joe Biden, as President, can now amend the Constitution with an executive order removing the Second Amendment. That means he has the power to abolish the Constitution completely, erasing the entire basis that our government was built upon. And you expect me to believe that? Do you expect anyone (except Biden) to believe that? You’re so full of s*** your eyes are brown. Come say that to my face and see what happens next.