Imagining an America without police

Image credit to Wikimedia Commons.

Rules and regulations may take the fun out of things, the office, school, or even at home, but one thing is for sure: rules are necessary, especially in the real world. Rules are social indicators that prevent people from doing whatever they please with no regard for consequences. 

Police officers risk their lives every day to regulate systems of law in place in our society to ensure that every person in every community of this country adheres to the will of each state. But how would life be if there are no police officers? 

Without the police which serves as a medium for implementing the law, an average American or even an illegal alien can drive as fast as he/she wants, take anything he/she wants, and hurt anyone whoever he/she wants. 

The police ensure that the standard of morality for ordinary people is maintained. Without them, our society will plunge into chaos, much like most cities busy dealing with active domestic terrorism amid the Cocid-19 pandemic.

If there’s no police, then soon enough, there would be no government. If there’s no government, then no one would need to pay taxes. If there are no taxes, then there would be no government programs that take care of essential infrastructure.

There will be no water supply and no sewage because there would be no government agency ensuring that water supplies are safe for drinking. Simultaneously, who would keep criminals in jail— or will there still even be jail? A department goes down one after another, and the police help maintains peace to keep everything in order. 

There will be no rational justice— it’s complete anarchy that will create a ripple effect, one after another, that will lead to a complete disaster. 

Watch Tucker Carlson debunking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s aspiration of defunding the police here:

“Unfortunately, not everyone lives in a suburb as placid and protected as the one Sandy Cortez grew up in— all big sails and pool parties. Cities like St. Louis and Baltimore are more violent than El Salvador, and they’re getting more dangerous by the day. 

In Milwaukee, homicides have risen nearly 40% just this year, killing there could soon break the city’s all-time record. That’s likely to happen soon in Chicago, and Kansas City, just this weekend in the City of Chicago: 64 people were shot, and 11 people murdered— 11 corpses in one weekend,” according to Tucker Carlson. 

Less Law Enforcement in dangerous places means more killings. 

If there is such a place in the world where rules or the people who are regulating them are not in it, then a typical breakfast would consist of homicide, theft, assault, kidnapping, battery crimes-cereal— how delicious! 

Let’s all hope that grim reality does not turn into the “New America”. Especially since the Leftist initiative of defunding the police, supporting the protestors, all that’s left for them to do is to give ANTIFA weaponry. 

Luckily, President Donald Trump is responsive enough to act— even in social media. 

It seems that these protests have very little to do with George Floyd’s death, the anarchic footsteps of looting, defunding the police, and burning down of statues may soon develop into a revolution. All of these events are beginning to slowly chip away the current system and replace it with something new— a new system, a new institution, a new social structure.

“Our current system has been in place for hundreds of years. It is based on a very simple idea; all people are created by God with equal moral value. For that reason, that reason alone. All Americans are treated equally under the laws of the United States. In this country, we judge you for what you do, not for how you were born.” – Tucker Carlson. 

Tucker Carlson summed it up, so why do we need to fix something that’s not broken? And what could be better than our existing core principle as Americans?