If This Isn’t Failure, What Does Failure Look Like?

If This Isn't Failure, What Does Failure Look Like
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Breitbart News – CNN Chief International Correspondent Clarissa Ward slammed President Joe Biden for stating that his administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was not a failure. “If this isn’t failure, what does failure look like exactly?” asked Ward while reporting on the instability and chaos from Afghanistan.

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Hope liberal’s now realizes that they doomed America by voting Biden.

CNN knows a lot about failure.

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This pathetic, clown show of hidenbiden, has cost lives, our 12 marines/coreman and brags what a success it hasn’t been, this incompetent,babbling,buffoon has created the greatest catastophe, and disaster in American history. Our troops being killed by terrorists, taliban in control, and not allowing Americans/allies to the airport without being killed, by terrorist ied’s,This embarrassment,hidenbiden, needs to be removed along with his generals,milley/austin/binken,sullivan, and other minions, in his administration, to blame for this disaster, and hostage situation, that could turn into a slaughterof americans/allies.


AND of something like 229 more Afghani people who worked with the Americans.

Roger Williams

For starters, this is not an attempt to excuse or exonerate Joe Biden. I,among many others consider him to be the worst president we have ever had ! However, I consider it to be against all logic, reason, and common sense to believe that one person, unaided, however how evil or incompetent, could create this kind of catastrophe! The real blame lies directly at the feet of the democrat machine. It seems that their modus operandi is to win by whatever means necessary, regardless of the catastrophic consequences. (In all fairness there is probably an element of this also among republicans, they are just not as numerous and not as good at it!) And what about all you rank and file Democrats who voted for him? You own a piece of this too, although I can’t believe that this is what most of you really want. Be very careful to think long and hard about it before you cast your next vote! I assure you you will not be drawn and quartered if you vote Republican one time! Also, I can’t be convinced that the multitudes who march and demonstrate in support of Trump turn abound and vote for Biden. Also there are many thousands more, like myself, who don’t participate in such demonstrations, but agree with and support those who do one hundred percent! I will be among the last to be convinced all the reports of voter fraud, almost always inexplicitly in favor of democrats are, bogus!


We know, Clarissa, as does the world but that doesn’t stop the Commiecrats from trying to lie their way through it. The blood spilled is on every Demonrat’s hands that voted and especially cheated for him.