Huge Moves to Subvert Leftists’ Plans…

Huge Moves to Subvert Leftists' Plans...
Image from video below...

Charlie Kirk – VA Gov. Glenn Youngkin Makes Huge Moves to Subvert Leftists’ Plans

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NEED to elect more REAL REPUBLICANS like Gov. Youngkin and Gov. DeSantis and not a RINOS!!!!! Let’s GO BRANDON!!!!!!

He gave most of America hope today!! That things might be getting better soon!!


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Anything that causes problems for the left is good.

There us absolutely no leftist idea or concept that works in real life.

I know you lefties are thinking: “oh yeah what about climate change?”

Go read about real science: milankovich cycle then talk to me about your man made global warming.

Well what about the plastic island in the pacific. Yeah that’s pollution tell China to pick up their trash.