Huge: CNN Accidentally Emails Charlie Kirk Their Vaccine Policy…

Huge: CNN Accidentally Emails Charlie Kirk Their Vaccine Policy...
Image from video below...

Charlie Kirk – Someone at CNN is probably looking for a job after making this insane vaccine policy mistake…

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Scary that CNN believes they are the whole of moral authority. This isn’t about ratings now, its about who is behind CNN?

CNN is now the greatest comedy channel on tv

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The vaccine is a personal choice. Personally I won’t take it. There are too many negatives but if you want to kill yourself by taking it it is your choice. Just keep me out of it.


First CNN is and has always been nothing but ridiculous. Way back when it was turner news network and turner broadcasting it was stupid becuase Hanoi Jane fonda was part owner.

Second the Arizona audit has proven that the democrats committed massive voter fraud and biden is not the legitimate president.

As a result every word ever spoken for the last five years by CNN as been aiding and abetting the democrat criminal organization and their interstate racketeering criminal voter fraud.


Even the proponents of vaccination admit (to the extent they even address the issue) that approx. 5,000 Americans have died from the vaccines. Of course, that number was arrived at AFTER 6,234 deaths were removed – without much cause – from the list. Meanwhile, other sources suggest as many as 45,000 deaths related to the vaccine. What’s the reality? Who knows? I do know that around 4 months or so ago, a union of European Health Ministries released a summation of side effects and death counts from each for the Pfizer vaccine, the Moderna vaccine and the Astra-Zeneca (“AZ”) vaccine (which is the same or similar to the Johnson & Johnson – “JJ” – one which was only then beginning to be administered). Death counts, at that point, were well over 4K for the Pfizer version, almost 3K for Moderna’s, and over 400 for AZ (notably, only the AZ vaccine was extensively used in Europe, so the Pfizer & Moderna numbers are likely mostly US casualties), yet we’re now told that total US death counts are somehow lower than they were almost half a year ago. How did that happen? I am very pro-vaccine, but I’m also addicted to doing my own risk analyses, which require reliable information. These folks pushing the vaccine, however, are not only not providing us reliable information, they are deliberately not providing any information, preferring to tell us (from their positions of moral and intellectual superiority) what we should do. So do it. No doubt it would be racist not to. Everything is.