Howling Leftwing Mob Tries to Murder a Man in Albuquerque but They Don’t Count on Him Defending Himself

In New Mexico, Leftist mobs exerted a great deal of effort in their attempts to tarnish the historical record in an endeavor to enact “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past,” George Orwell’s 1984 slogan. 

The mob gathered in Albuquerque Museum by the La Jornada sculpture to memorialize the Spanish conquistador who traveled from the Great Plains and Colorado River, Juan de Oñate— the very first Spanish Governor in Santa Fe. 

The protesting mob aimed to appeal for the expulsion of the statue; in response, the Mexico Civil Guard reacted immediately to protect the statue. 

While a mobber attempted to pull a pickaxe to damage the statue, the paramilitary group intervened to stop it. 

As the footage displayed, it was guideline shooting. The man in the blue shirt didn’t bear arms. 

He didn’t pose a threat to anyone, especially when the situation turned dire; he attempted to escape. When a man in a skateboard assaulted him, he did not retaliate. When he recognized that he was being chased, he tried to run.

This met the requirement, which states he must get to safety. When a man smeared him to the ground from behind while the mob is chanting “KILL HIM!” he ultimately concedes to the use of deadly force. 

One can argue the wisdom of appearing up in front of a mob of ravening leftists who have no remorse about assaulting anyone to oppose them; what one can’t argue is that they had a legal right to be there. 

New Mexico is an ‘open carry’ state, so the New Mexico Civil Guard appears to be well within their rights. And, if you do consider to participate in a counter-protest, the footage makes the case study that you’d better be prepared and armed to use force for your safety.

The bleating by New Mexico’s Governor concerning ‘intimidation” is pure nonsense. The mob wasn’t threatened. They felt so empowered by the assistance Lujan Grisham has extended to these would-be Spartacist street fighters that they were comfortable documenting their assault on a citizen and their intention to end a man’s life.

On the whole, I find it hard to get upset over this. These scum want to get rid of the police. Fine. If that’s the game they want to play, and they want to engage in street violence, then it is time to take Kurt Schlichter’s advice. Buy guns and ammo because these people want you.